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Format of Affidavit for Community Hall Booking

affidavitI _________ son/daughter/wife of _________ resident of _________ do hereby Solemnly affirm and declare as under:
1.    That I have applied for the allotment of _________ Park / Hall situated at _________ On _________ for holding the marriage/reception/engagement/function etc. of my _________.
2.    That I will not use generator without police permission.
3.    That I will not use loudspeaker at the said premises.
4.    That I will not use the trees for any kind of lighting or any other purpose.
5.    That I will not make any injury to the plants and trees in the above said park / ground.
6.    That after the function is over on particular day, all solid waste shall be collected, are thoroughly swept/cleaned and water disposed of to the nearest _________  Dustbin, and the park will be cleared all sorts of solid waste etc.
7.    That the potable water will be provided by us at the time of function.
8.    That the necessary health measures will be adopted by us during the time of function.
9.    That all fire safety measures will be adopted by us during the time of function.
10.    That the instructions issued vide _________  dated _________ regarding fire safety measures will be followed by us.
11.    If there is any violation of the undertaking I shall be wholly responsible and be liable for forfeit security deposit and legal action if any.


Verified at _________ on this _________ Day of  _________, _________, that the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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