Format of Affidavit for Lost Of Cheque

Format of Affidavit for Lost Of Cheque

affidavitTO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME WE, _________ AND _________ OF inhabitabts Send Greeting whereas a cheque dated _________ bearing its No. _________ drawn on the _________ bank of _________ for a sum of Rs. _________ was issued in favour of _________ by the _________ (hereinafter to as “ the _________” ) AND
WHEREAS the said cheque has been lost or mislaid AND WHEREAS  Corporation has at our request and upon our executing the indemnity hereinafter contained agreed to the said _________ a duplicate cheque in lieu of the said lost or mislaid cheque NOW KNOW WE
AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that we the said _________ do HEREBY COVENANT with the _________ its Successors and assigns  that we and our respective heirs, executors, and administrators will from time to time and at all times hereinafter, defend and keep harmless and indemnified the said _________ its successors and assigns,  and the Members and officers of the _________ and their respective estates and effects from all actions suits, proceedings, claims and demands on the part of any person or persons whomsoever in respect of the money due under the said lost or mislaid Cheque. And from all costs and damages and liability in connection there with and the said _________ hereby undertakes to return the laid lost or mislaid cheque it and when found to the _________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE SAID _________ And _________ have hereunto put their hands as _________ this day of _________, _________, in the presence of:-

Full Signature Of witness:                                                Signature of Payee of Cheque:
Signature of Surety:

Full Signature Of Witness:                                                Designation of Surety:
Designation :
Address:                                                                                  Address of Surety :

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