Format of Affidavit for New Arm License

Format of Affidavit for New Arm License

affidavitI, _______ Son/Daughter/Wife of _______  resident at _______ since_______ do solemnly affirm and declare as follows:

  • That my date of birth is _______ (_______) (Copy of proof attached) and Place of birth is _______.
  • That my educational qualification is _______.
  • That I am married/unmarried to year _______  and that I have _______ children namely  _______ age about  _______ year.
  • That I am permanent resident of _______.
  • That I am doing job / running a private business (copy of registration certificate of sales/service  tax deposit slip of _______ Trade license shich are attached) whose detail is an under:-
  • Name & Address of business: –  (Proprietorship, Private Limited or Limited Company)
  • Number of employees
  • Skilled/technical: –
  • Literate: –
  • Semi literate: –
  • No  of shops/branches with address: –
  • That I am working/serving as  _______ in the department of _______. I have attached the NOC issued by my department regarding obtaining an arm license. (In case of Army personal attach photocopy of I/card and serving cum residential certificate issued by the department) or (in case of security guard submit an undertaking from his employer (FA-56)).
  • That my annual income  US $/INR  _______/- (attach proof of salary slip/Income Tax return) & daily cash transaction is _______ . (attach documentary proof).
  • That I am not a short tampered man in family, neighbours.
  • That I am medically fit to handle to weapon (A medical certificate issued by a doctor (Required Medical Practitioner) is attached (FA-17/02)
  • That I have proper skill to handle the fire arms (Proof attached).
  • That my nominee shall be Shri/Smt _______ who is my  _______ (relationship) and residing at _______.
  • That I am/was not involved in any criminal case. That I do not have any department enquiry, vigilance proceedings against me or have faced a Court of enquiry, Board of enquiry under the Army, Navy & Air force Acts.
  • That I have never been externed from my place of stay by any judicial authority and neither am I a proclaimed offender of any State Govt. or of _______ Police, and to the best of my knowledge there is no Red Corned Notice or any other look out notice pending against me.
  • That I have also no proceedings. Cases institutes against me in the CBI, NCB, Enforcement Directorate, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Income Tax and Forest Department pending against me.
  • That I have also not been arrested deported of involved in any illegal act in any other country where I have visited or resided.
  • That I have no arm license issued from any state in India. I have applied for an arm license previously  No times.
  • That I will make requisite arrangements for keeping the fire arms in safe custody and to avoid access of children and other unauthorized persons to the fire arms.
  • That my father has given a consent to transfer his weapon in my name on inheritance basis (FA-58) (Copy attached).
  • That I require an arm license because (Give full details) I am Working as a _______ in this Address _______ the particulars furnished by me above are true & correct to the belief of my knowledge and I have not concealed or mispresented  any facts.



Witness (Name, Address & signature)                Signature and official seal of Notary Public

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