Format of Affidavit for Probate of Will

Format of Affidavit for Probate of Will

affidavitIN THE COURT OF HON’BLE _____

Petition No.________ of _____

_______ son of/wife of _______, resident of _______ presently at _______



1- _______
2- _______

All residents of _______



The petitioner above named respectfully submits as under: –
1- That the deceased _______ son of _______,  resident of _______ was the _______ of respondent No. __ and _______ of the respondent No. ____. _______ executed a Will dated _______ in favour of the petitioner. The petitioner was having friendly relations with the deceased and the _______ was given to the petitioner out of the love and affection and the same was tried to transfer in the name of petitioner by the deceased but as per the _______. A copy of the Will dated _______ is enclosed herewith the petition.
2- That testator/executor of Will dated _______ namely _______ has expired on _______ at _______. (Copy of death Certificate of the testatrix is enclosed herewith). The petitioner is the successor of the Will named in the present Will and the said Will dated _______ is the last and final Will & testimony of the testator named _______. It is pertinent to mention here that the said Will was witnessed by respondent No.__ son of/wife of _______.
3- That the cause of action to file the present petition has arisen only after the death of the testator of the said will. He had died _______.
4- That a fixed requisite fee has been affixed on the petition.

It is, therefore, prayed that said Will dated _______ may kindly be probated in terms of the Will in question and the petitioner may kindly be declared as absolute owner in respect of _______ alongwith _______ by way of contents of the will.

_______ son/wife of _______,

resident of _______ presently at _______

Through counsel:
_______, Advocate, _______

Verified that the contents of my above petition from para No. _______ are true and correct to best of our knowledge and belief.
Verified at _______ on_________


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