Format of Affidavit For Rent Disbursement

Format of Affidavit For Rent Disbursement

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatTo,

The _________ Manager

Subject: Application for Disbursement of Rent

Dear Sir,

I have rented out the Property Address: _________, _________  Near _________  measuring _________ square ft to the _________. I want that the monthly rent of the premises be paid to me and/or my _________ on equal share i.e. _________ each.

I confirm that If there is any demand for any taxes etc. by any Authority the entire liability shall be of mine and/or my _________ named above having on bearing on the _________.

I also indemnify to the _________ that if in future any demand of any tax is made on the _________ regarding property it shall be me and/or my _________ responsibility to meet that over.

You are requested to make the payment of the monthly rent to me and/or my aforesaid _________ on equal shares i.e. _________ each.


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