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Format of Application for Complaint

Format of Application for Complaint

Format of Application for Complaint


_________ Son of _________
Resident of _________, District _________



1-    _________ Through its _________

2-    _________, _________


Criminal Complaint Under Section _________ Negotiable Instruments Act read with section _________ of the Act & Under Section _________  I.P.C.

Police Station: _________


The complainant most respectfully submits as under:-
1-    That the complainant _________.
2-    That after _________.
3-    That _________.
4-    That _________.
5-    That _________.
6-    That complainant has been residing at _________, the banker of the complainant is also situated at _________ and thus entire cause of action accrued in favour of the complainant at _________ within the territorial jurisdiction of this Hon’ble court and therefore this Hon’ble court has got the jurisdiction to entertain and try the present complaint.


It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that the accused may kindly be summoned, prosecuted and punished as per the provisions of the section _________ of the N.I. Act read with section _________ of the act and under section _________ of IPC.
Dated: _________                         Complainant

_______ S/o _________
R/o _________, _________,
District _________.

Through counsel:
_________Advocate, _________

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