Format of Application For Regular Bail

Format of Application For Regular Bail
Format of Application For Regular Bail

Judge ________________.

Son of ________________
R/o _________________


State of _________.


FIR NO. _____ DATED __________ UNDER SECTION _____________ IPC, P.S.- ____________________.


1- That the petitioner belongs to a respectable family and he has clean antecedents.

2- That the petitioner has been framed up and falsely implicated in the above noted case by the complainant on extraneous grounds and he is in custody since _____________.

3- That the police does not require further custody of the petitioner for the purpose of investigation in the case and the petitioner has therefore been remanded to judicial custody.

4- That the petitioner has been framed up in the case because _____________ daughter of Sh. _________________ complainant was deeply in love with the petitioner and her marriage was solemnized with Sh._____________ son ofSh. ________________,R/o House No.___________________ against her wishes on __________. Even after marriage _____________ wanted the petitioner to continue friendly relationship with her due to attachment but the petitioner always advised her that since she has been married to another person, she should try to forget her past relationship with the petitioner.

5- That the investigation of the case and thereafter the trial shall take a considerable time and the petitioner shall suffer unbearable hardship of imprisonment if he remains confined to Jail during this period.

6- That the petitioner is ready and willing to furnish bail bonds to the satisfaction of this Hon’ble court for his being released on bail.

7- That the witnesses of the prosecution are relatives of the complainant and they can not be influenced by the petitioner. The petitioner gives an undertaking to the Hon’ble court, that if he is released on bail, he shall not temper with the evidence or influence the witnesses of the prosecution and he shall abide by any condition imposed by the Hon’ble court for releasing him on bail.

It is, therefore, prayed that the petitioner/applicant may kindly be released on bail.

Dated: _________ Applicant/petitioner.

Through counsel:

___________, Advocates

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