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Format of Application for Warrants

Format of Application for Warrants


_____            Versus            _____

Execution No. _____ Dated: _____

Claim petition

Execution Petition

Application for issuance of warrants of attachment against the judgement debtors namely _____ instead of _____ and against other Judgement Debtors.

Respectfully Showeth:-

1-    That the above noted execution petition is pending before this Hon’ble court and is fixed for _____.

2-    That the Hon’ble court of _____ the _____ was pleased to pass an award of _____/- alongwith interest @ _____% per annum from the date of filing of the petition till actual realisation of the amount in favour of the applicants/decree holders and against the respondents/ judgment debtors jointly and severally vide order dated _____.

3-    That the name of Judgement Debtor namely _____ now known as _____.

4-    That the judgment debtors had filed the appeal against the above-mentioned award before the Hon’ble court of _____ at _____. The J.D./respondents deposited the amount of _____/- on behalf of _____ before this Hon’ble Court of _____ for appeal but the same was dismissed by _____ of the Hon’ble Court of _____ vide order dated _____.

5-    That previously the warrants of attached has been issued in the name of _____ and the same were not being executed properly.


It is, therefore, prayed that the application of the applicants/D.Hs. may kindly be accepted and the amount of award may kindly be recovered from the Judgement debtors by issuing the warrants of attachment against the judgement debtors _____ and other judgement debtors in the interest of justice.

Dated: _____

Decree Holders /Applicants

Through counsel
_____Advocate, _____

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