Format of Commercial Offer

Format of Commercial Offer
Format of Commercial Offer

Company Letterhead

General Commercial Offer Format

Project Name: __________

Material & Price Schedule   


S No. Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price

Item Description:

Additional Options (If any):

S No. Description Price

1.    Scope of supply: ______________

2.    Prices: ______________ Currency: ______________

3.    Delivery conditions: Incoterm: ______________ Packing: ______________

4.    Completion period: ______________

5.    Payment terms and conditions: ______________

6.    Technical Notes: ______________

7.    Validity of the offer: ______________ Days from the date of this offer.

8.    Contract coming into force : ______________

9.    Warranty: ____ months from the date of commissioning/installation/delivery and not later than ____ months after delivery with parts and labor at factory

10.    International Trade Compliance: ______________

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