Format of Police Clearance Certificate For Immigration

Birth Certificate Affidavit FormatFormat of Police Clearance Certificate For Immigration


The _________ Police,
District Police Office,
_________, _________.

Subject: Application for Issuance of PCC (POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE)


It is requested that a Police Clearance Certificate may be issued to me for Immigration purpose. My personal particulars are as follows:

Full Name            :     _________

Sex                      :    _________

Previous Name        :    _________

Date of Birth             :    _________

Occupation            :    _________

Father (Full Name)        :    _________

Mother (Full Name)        :    _________

Spouse (Full Name)        :    _________

Permanent Address        :    _________.

Present Address        :    House _________.

Residing at current address since: _________

Passport No.: _________ Date of issue: _________ Valid till: _________

Passport issued by: Regional Passport Officer _________

Country for which Immigration has been applied: _________

It is further stated that I am a citizen of _________ and have not been involved in any criminal case in _________ and that there is no criminal case pending against me in the Court of Law.

(Signature of Applicant)

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