Identification in Fake Artificial World


Today, everyone is on the web. Children, teenagers, adults and even old age persons find some stuff on the web in this artificial world. Children are master in web games, but unfortunately they are losing the skills in physical games and activities. Teenagers easily caught in chat rooms on social web sites like Facebook, Instagram and many others, which in reality, is of no use except wastage of their precious time of studies. Moreover, premature youngsters are heavily addicted to watch adult stuff and porn sites, which is the worst effect of advanced technologies without any check and it seems like a horse without reins.

Valid Credentials:

Recently, center govt. has told to the Supreme Court that they cannot curb the problem of watching porn by youngsters. But I asked why they can’t? Definitely they can do. Actually the problem is that there is no check on the KYC of the users, while surfing online on the internet. As the govt. claims that they get a big success to destroy as near as 15 Lakhs fake pan cards by just linking them with Aadhar card, they can make Aadhar card or any other credentials like Aadhar card mandatory to use internet.

Linking of Aadhar card is not possible in case of foreigner users to Indian web sites and having valid credentials while login to international web sites is not possible as they are run and control outside the India. But we can set some similar valid credentials like passport or globally acceptable identification proof for such purpose. Excuse of having no such valid credential in this digital world is nothing but a fraud with the govt. and other people to whom we interact daily.

According to various surveys and data available, there are millions of fake accounts at social web sites. People use fake accounts to hide their identity and creating fake name and accounts leads to several types of crimes. The person, who makes such fake Id’s, should be prosecuted for the offence of cheating by personation under section 416 of Indian Penal Code, 1860. Moreover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and several other web sites companies also should be prosecuted for the abetment of cheating by personation as they influence to the others and promote these activities.

Recently news is burning oil in regards to fake retweets by followers of Rahul Gandhi in reply to Rahul Gandhi’s messages of twitter and surprisingly, congress spokesperson said with a great honour that it is just a part of marketing as like our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narender Modi Ji do. After listening these comments, I am compelled to think that how low the level of our politics has gone. According to my views, whether you are P.M. or opposition leader or a common man, you can do marketing in a fair manner but by not making fools to the general public and now it is proved by their self statements that they use the technique of fake accounts on twitter and facebook to make billions of their followers and to send – receive fake messages and tweets. By this they just want to show the common voters that how popular they are, but in-fact they are cheating to the common man for the lure of vote bank. This is not marketing. One should let them know the difference between marketing and cheating tricks. They are doing only unfair trade practices which leads to derogation of dignity of our India Constitution.

Suppose, if all fake Id’s are removed from facebook, google, twitter and all other social web sites and it is made mandatory to use a valid credential to login on any social web site then you can blindly faith upon the data available on internet. You can frequently make social commitments, commercial and personal contracts with these persons without any threat of cyber crime. You will be no more victims of fake commercial practices by fraud persons, fake relations in societies and sexual harassment in the face of fake marriage promises etc.

Status of Minors:

Mohiri Bibi V. Dharmodas Ghosh is a very old and famous case related to British era and it is still used as precedent and frequently referred by our benches to discard the minor contracts. It is a matter of discussion that when a minor is not eligible to make a contract in the real word, then how can we allow to a minor to be a party in the contracts in this artificial world as this artificial world has more significance in our today life. How can we allow to these minors to be a victim by fake identities, whenever they are protected by the laws in the real world. I am surprised to see today that the trend of facebook account is increased in such a way that some peoples are so curious to make a new facebook account of their new born babies even when the mother is frequent with child in her womb. Can anybody tell me that what these babies have to do with these facebook accounts and what is the real purpose of uploading the pics of new born babies by creating a facebook accounts of infants and whether these infants are legally eligible to make a facebook account. Indirectly we are just increasing the blanket data of no use. If still we want to make such accounts, then I highly recommend that these accounts should not be open without any valid credentials and no duplicates should be made. Still I want to thanks these persons, at least they have started to accept the existence of a child in womb of mother in indirect way otherwise this issue was a big black spot in our societies in the face of many other social evils. These matters need a heated discussion at national level and it should be a matter of concern that what we are giving to our coming generations. It should be discussed at length that whether we moving in the right direction. These topics are too lengthy to discuss here. Public should raise their voice to discuss these issues and our legislators should make these topics as agenda of their tables. But unfortunately they have no time to discuss these very important issues, which are giving a drastically effect on our coming economical and social conditions. Because they are too much busy to discuss cow, buffalo, dog, beef ban, religious matters and many other such stupid issues. They just want to keep the public busy in these issues, which will never be solved and their shops for votes run for a long time.

Social Stigma:

We are developing the technologies but we are too much illiterate to use it. We should think to secure the technology also otherwise this will burst like Nagasaki atom bomb on our society which leaves its effect over many generations. Protecting the society from this social stigma is our duty. People are living in artificial world today but they don’t know how to live in this artificial world. This is somewhat different from the real world. Without webcam you cannot physically see to other person engaged with you on the internet and we are engaged with others on the internet in such a way that we are making friends, making personal and social contracts, and moreover we are promising to each other for marriage also without any verification. From the start of good morning, news paper reading, day shopping, lunch, snacks, friends chat, group messaging etc everything is going on web and these activities have a greater impact on our daily lives. So the significance of correct Id’s on the web has increased much more. Our lawmakers should think about it seriously with immediate solution to diagnose this plague. They are still unsuccessful to curb the problem of cyber scam, but this idea can open a new door to solve the issue of cyber scam threat to the society.



Dimple Jindal




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