Industrial Disputes Salary Application Format

Industrial Disputes Salary Application Format

Industrial Disputes Salary Application Format
Industrial Disputes Salary Application Format


_____ Son of  _____, Resident _____

_____, _____  Through its Managing Director _____



It is respectfully submitted as under: –
1- That the respondent appointed the applicant/claimant on _____as _____ and the respondent fixed the salary of the applicant as _____ per month vide their offer letter dated _____. But the applicant/claimant joined her duty on _____ with the respondent.
1- That the applicant/claimant did her duty diligently, regularly and with utmost punctuality sincere, and with full devotion by doing manual job with her own hands in accordance with the well-settled provisions of the law. You issued the offer letter in my name of the applicant/claimant and got printed the visiting cards also in the name of the applicant/claimant.
2- That on _____ when the applicant/claimant went to attend his duty then the respondent abruptly refused to allow to the applicant/claimant to attend his duty and told that services of the applicant/claimant are no more required by them and thus the respondent have terminated the services of the applicant/claimant in a most illegal and unlawful manner without any reasonable rhyme and cause. At the time of termination of the services of the applicant/claimant, the respondent did not pay the salary for the month of _____ and __ days salary for the month of _____ which comes _____/-.
3- That the claimant visited the office of the respondent from _____ to _____ from time to time and spent a huge amount of _____/- on the charges of traveling /conveyance charges but the respondent refused to pay the outstanding amount of _____/-. Lastly on _____ the respondent clearly refused to pay the salary amount of _____/- to the applicant/claimant
4- That you did not provide me statutory benefits i.e. _____ You also did not pay me the salary of _____/- and the amount of bonus etc. to me.
2- That the wages and other dues which are outstanding against respondent are fully mentioned in the _____ enclosed herewith.
3- That the applicant/claimant is entitled to receive all his dues including wages for the months of _____ to _____ from the respondent as annexed in  Annexure-A.
It is, therefore, prayed that the application of the applicant may kindly be accepted and order may kindly be passed to make the payment of _____/- with interest to the applicant/claimant which is fully mentioned in Annexure–A.


_____ S/o _____,  Resident _____

Through A.R.
_____,District Courts, _____


Verified that the contents of my above application from Paras No.1 to 6 are true to best of my knowledge and belief.
Verified at _____ on_________


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