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Patna High Court – Orders
Bhagalpur Co-Operative Spinnin vs State Of Bihar & Ors on 15 November, 2011
                             CWJC No.7997 of 2008
                          Bhagalpur Co-Operative Spinnin
                               State Of Bihar & Ors

5 15.11.2011 This writ application has been filed with three folds

prayer. The petitioners pray that (1) Bhagalpur Co-operative Spinning

Mills Limited (five in numbers) should be revived by the State of

Bihar (2) The petitioners have prayed that they should be given their

salary which they have not received for more than 7 years and (3) they

have also stated that if the Government of Bihar finds it difficult to

revive the mills then they may start the winding up process so that the

salaries and the dues of the petitioners and the dues of the petitioners

who are employees of the mill can be shifted from facing starvation.

A counter affidavit has been filed on behalf of the State

which is rather vague and does not meet to the main contentions raised

in the writ application. Therefore, it is essential that the State should

take proper instructions in this matter and come out with a time bound

proposal if it intends to revive the spinning mills, if not then steps

ought to be taken for winding up these mills.

List this case after six weeks retaining its position.

    Sanjay                                                     (Sheema Ali Khan, J.)

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