Demand To Take Actions Against The Persons Responsible For … on 7 March, 2001

Lok Sabha Debates
Demand To Take Actions Against The Persons Responsible For … on 7 March, 2001


Title: Demand to take actions against the persons responsible for derogatory remarks passed relating to the salary and allowances of MP(s) and MLA(s).


(BALASORE): I would like to bring a very important issue to the kind notice of the House because it involves the prestige and dignity of every Member of this House. It is with regard to the salary and allowances of the MPs. Some derogatory remarks have been passed in most of the newspapers and magazines with regard to the salary and allowances of MPs and MLAs. The Hindustan of 3rd March carries an article titled “आखिर कितना मेवा खाकर सेवा कर पायेंगे सांसद”

Now a book has been sent to every Member of Parliament and Member of Legislative Assemblies which says:

“MPs and MLAs, do you know what people think of our legislators and politicians? We are sending this compilation to all Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assemblies of the country. It is sent by Common Cause of Mr. H.D. Shourie. ”


 One Shri Chakradhar Mahapatra has written:

“All our legislators of the State Assemblies and Members of Parliament both from the Upper and the Lower Houses are thugs and thieves. They can loot the country most by making laws for themselves. 1.5 lakh free telephone calls are given to them. If at a minimum three minutes per call is taken, then a Member has to spend 20 hours 24 minutes per day for making telephone conversation. Where is the time for other works like attending to public works? MPs of the super-cyclone area in Orissa did not allow their MPLADS fund money to be used for relief and rehabilitation purpose. They are treating it as their personal property as if it is inherited by a son-in-law from his father-in-law.”


 MR. SPEAKER: A Committee has been constituted and it is examining all these points. You need not read out all these things.

SHRI KHARABELA SWAIN : I will not read out everything. But I have a suggestion to make. Actually, this type of comments has been made by former Secretaries-General of Lok Sabha, Shri Subhash C. Kashyap and Shri C.K. Jain also. My point is that there should be a public debate on this issue, not inside this House because it is natural that MPs in the House will speak in favour of themselves. So, the debate should be held outside this House. Let the hon. Parliamentary Affairs Minister arrange it. Journalists, public personalities and MPs should participate in that debate, so that at least the derogatory remarks being passed on each and every MP by journalists and public servants can be arrested. If there is a public debate, we can also clarify our position.

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