Dr Nataraj C vs H Shivanna on 8 June, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Dr Nataraj C vs H Shivanna on 8 June, 2009
Author: N.Kumar And Gowda

V V’ “E§o21″vv::=f Umap-gthi H

121 THE HIGK GOURT 0!!’ amnarmm K1′

Dattci this the 8% day ofdunc, ;Z¥{)C?9_ ‘ ~ i.- A’


THE HQIWLE rem. JUs*i?IC¥§i’331ntI3!iA1§’ f* ”

THE I-zora=BLm ma. JUsT:cE’j%3{s3g_:;EfiivQ§s”E Gowns
§,r;:s3.<';:E.L:_.__g=;:~:r::a::s~:5sv ~ap§m, 3593 sf 2004
531% <:R:*;s rm,' 3.;39_0fi'

::a§:ss{::E;LLa:%§'E,0US' '*r.2f§P r¢§j'.:AL N43. 3503 of 2904
IfiE,TWEENi"*.._ " " %

Sr, 2:: "

zflginii -a§}_t3Lsi.i’, 3.4′ ;s’ca1’s

‘ ‘;D€%€}_1ftf§’;;’t.§);’§§f,’P’1%”J’vf:”3__§E)§-f§1:;..!)I1

‘§’ex’ij.i1i:2s A’s5’fi~’::TnIn11ist

‘qgiagaiur ..

_§}Et1?a§§_flg€4i”€’ District mfippeiiant

VV ‘ (By Sri Baaavaraj M Mekki, Advocate, Aiivocraie)

VV 1 H, Shivanna

Son ::rf Gangadiaaraiah


figfié abeui: 29 years

Dxiver sf Lorry be-axmg

Rag. N0. EVIYT 519$

Endra Naggi-

Huiiyaru Past

Tumkur District ._

2 H S Aaaflihasubbmaya
130:1 cf S11′::»§:ramya
Aged aboui 67 yrtam’.

Owner (sf Inn”? hesaring
Rag. No. MY1′ .’3190_i
In front of Balaji Taikies
Post 1}u}iyari1 _
‘fum.k11r Qisfiict V

3 United I2::::ii:2._VIii:$11::an:::3 u h «V

Repxr:-syzmeci its “I;-‘?st’;m_f1r.:i1__ Mg: nagfi-fr

Jayadnéva §312ii£;i3cx — _
P.R.Na.–54*-. ~

Ttimkxlr’ _ ” mfiespandents

Eixiiilivas, Advocate for R3;

Z ‘ ” “R1’a:1r;1 R2 are: $«:-rved)

fiieé under 3r:e.:ttit:::1:1 113 (3.) 9f MY Act against

award dated 5-3–2C$Q4 passed $11 MVC

?~Ié:;~».:Zé£:3C3j a2–;:ju gm file: of the 1 Additional Givii Judge as-.c.1>a.), :35

-3-ii, fiavangtm, partly aiicawing the ciajm petition for

{t1?I13p~e1..1:;:a;i3Zon and seeldng enhancxgmcnt of compensation with

V’ “13′?;fei{.i’;1iere3i,

.’ ‘y it’) . ”

MFA CRQB NC}. 339 GF 2095

hi] :3, United India ins11ra1::(.~.e C41). iltfia,

Regional Cifice No.25

Shanks; Namyana Bldg, 1*’ Floor

M G~R«:»a::i, B.911ga1t:>r%2~.–1 ‘
Rept. By Deputy Manager …{)bjééto§’» ‘

[By Sri K N S:iniva3a;:.;’sci:i.§trc~%tt¢i€§~.
AND: ‘

1 Dr, Nataraj. (:

Son of Umapathi .

Aged about 35 yams _ 3
Doctor by Pmfession
Nataraj Cllinie ”

Tfixtiiea 6;; éiggigtuitjfisf
Ramalayé-‘.-_ . ” ‘
Jagalui’ ”

Hfivaflgfiiré. ‘a V’

2 VH5 $h:iV4an_1’_-Ia ..

.. ;{S;o::~of Gafigadhamiah

– 55.34%:-ii abgut
. 2 , D:§i\st;1′–§)f–§x;1’1’y hearing
” V _ ” m-.g,,_N¢’;’ .M’&’fF 5 190
” §s:;{iiisfi_a..

_ VHu1_3ya71’$_,a*F’ost
Tuimkaf District

, ¥’ H S zinanthastibbaxaya
T _ “‘~S«:»31 ofSt1bbaraya
‘ * Jfigesti about 67 gems

€’3w**r:er {sf inn}: hearing

Reg. Ho. MYI’ 33190

in float of Baiaji Talkies

Past Iiuiiyaru

Tumkar Eiafiici Rcsgsondcnts

(By Sri Basavaraj M Mckki, Advocate} —

This MFA QRQB fiiad under Qrdtnr -=31

against the 3’udgm::nt and award
MVC; ;N:>,26Q/2902 on the fiie. gr :3: Iifitiiiificaml_.§’_1i3}§l{_;§;ii:§v:;:c

(sr,:»n,), 5% III Addiijt;-nai, .»’?AACT, ‘A._Qavange:1é;§.__ aw§§::tfii1;g{

compensation of Fés.3,04,5C?0/–“i*z:iiti1 cgsig” (Q; 8%
pa, fin-m the date Qf pcfitifirn appellant
htzmin plays 13:) madifir “–ii:£c_ A séhofigevh and award’ by
hcalding that the {:Iiai11:1aIttAgV_V1v*;*’.1f\s:$§ff¢:§:zd–;*3g;i’§E3s;–V*’als0 confiibuted
tr.» the cause fg::,r« it is prayed to

zwemmaé the
‘i’}3.xé~53e’ MFA : <::x::cmm' g on for beans' g this
day, 33. VJ Q, dt=Iivt:ri=.~ r:.i the fofiowing :


A has prcfcrred MFA No, 3.503/2964 waking

compensafion for the personal injutritits

V . sustéiaeévihy in a meter vchieis accident, This: instxmnm

prtfcrtrcd fhe: cross objmficn MFA Cr.C)i::, No,

2305 s»&€:i;:i;ng far mziucfien 0f the mmpensafiene



2: Fear the purpose cf oonvzztniancc, the are

referred ta as may are referred to in the A'

3, Th: rriairnant is a eioete-I by »pmf§ssi£§1i{" VV '
32 years on the: date of 'Eh: accidefifflg.
Mangthi Van beazirtg Nib, i{IK»;2;i';_,f'Ea*I.j66:3;-E3» 2; 1 A1»: 'L *
fmm Chibadmga to Jagalur. on
biatinnal Highway :3, g 15:90 driven by
{ha first I\:3pc:11dez2.tvi12 a:.ra:¥i1::an{i igsiifanner earn: from

ilhfit apposite azgd the Magufi Van. I11

:11: accidéfii'~'§i}: }1E":s_?}{'§- of ant was cut Qff below
the shdizldéjfg ' _H?«:-::ff::i1'T» and was admittmi 1:9 51

private far 4 days, Thcmaftsr, he was

Rgdég? and Cwznarai Nursillg Home at

:,z.._ "Lt_'fa1?'_ talcing tsrgaimant the ciaimant. prcfenmi the

R$¢5I'J,fi(),€}O€}[ " as cempensaiion fur the

'V mjtuics Stgaiiiined in the. said amidant,

AA ; Afietr scnzicx: sf naiié-::.=e:2, the mspondenis antamzi

' agigpeaxanct and filed wriitelz siatgmani mniesfing their alaim,

u ;I:T} 13y ciid 1101: deny the accident and ill: instlrance cavemge in



the 39113; in queefien, But, they apexzificafly mntendeci that the

claimant also equaiiy contributed to the accident.

5, on the aforesaid pleadings, the

many as four issues. in order to S1;§)Sf8Dfi3it.’ flien b

claimant examined Inimseif as P131? 1

as P3363 2 and .3. He p12:rd1.:=et:t,_§ 25V”dee11menf’e-

marked as Exe. P1 to P25; €)fV no
oral evidence was féxy peflies marked
inetmance pelicy as Ex. «b V’ » ‘

6;;_ The _i}r:1 ?;:Qn3itieIafien of the aferesaid 0131

ami cioee«§2e1′.1£a:yV”evidAee.ee reee-Id held that the aer:’:i:ient_

was 333;: fiie rensh anti negligent drivting by the driver

the first Ie3′;u:rndent and the claimant has not

meaeum to the accident and thus it held

_ theethetvaetieziaeie flegligence is eetablieheci. Thereafter, it

Vfifififiiiififflfli’ the evidence ef the two a::i¢::r<:t:m as Wei} as the

whe lximseif is e d::rc:¥:e:r. 935333 Eirfinii Kumar when

i ieeueé disability eefiifieate as per Ex.P8 deposed that the

eiieebiiity it: the upper me is .300/3% The eiagimant had



pzndumd twat Ccrtificatss issued by ts-vo Nursing Horue_:§=1$§*i1§¢:h

are merited as Exs. P1 1 and P12 showing that

a salary of Rs,4.:_’*”:O{}/~ from each hiqf

rendcrcd. But, tin: Triintmal deefizfiéfi Igégé
may Wait. not pmvexzi, Th:%ifefgf1’c, ihs’.’_’-2 u ,
disability at 50%, $119012: of ,1 — ml’
31::-nth and appiying they 3; sum Qf Rs,
1,9_2,GCiCI]~ towalfis 303$. disabfiity. It
awarded a and suficring; Rs:

33,453;– Rs.1£),0€3G,l– towaltis
loss c::f:’–.__ another sum of Rs,1G,0QGf ~
towards 1′;::$;~=,sTc_af “a%i{}nV.’.Rs=3,9QQ/– towards special diet

and n§:iu1é.$hIfiésnt Aggttéezvtui by the: said judgment and

V the <:ia11:11' am: has preferred the appeal

I Qf compcnsafiong The insmancnc

crgznéyrgngv AT prcfcxrcd thc cmss Qbjcetions seeldng fcrré

' '1*a§juc1J5fir3::;_. 1 of the comptznsafion on that gnzannd that the

« l iLV'§.2£i1}::}15%'.}£1§§a'5ILi€)}1 awazfiad is can the higher side; the Tribunal

K fiéiiiexl '£0 recmd Contributory negligcnm on the part of the

ciaimant and 3130 scvught £31" nzrcitlction ofratc of intcmst'

I': warned counaal for the appefiant

impugzacd judmeni: contanded mat, the ::1<:é1::ici¢31:zt_.i_é{csfA_

2861, Even for an unsldiied werker, in the ..

evidenczz, the Tribunals have becn:=__ta.k.i13 g }

income, ifi tha instant case, the is a " ;

put in 5-6 yams cxpelienoe, in MBBS
and though he .. CE1IffifiC;El i§§ Eéhpwing f};'A1Vai: he was
earnillg Rs,9,Q0OjV-, the in Itjccfing tha

cxzrfificates fin: =: é't.vvR§:2,Q00[ – per month'

F11rther;VV"}ié" an1t3unt of cnompensation
awarvieciz'-.1i13.déI'– headings is meager and,
fhercfqre, hé"'3ubI11ife3 fez' intcxfersncx: is made'

, i,g:a111é:i""""Lib11n3ei for 1313 ifi$1iI'aZ[i{T.?<i'. trompany

disabifity amassed by the Tfibtifiai at I:'S£)'?»'E:-

is.¥:*z_1 *i«h<=.t side. The evidence {$311 momti Estabiishcs that

equally contributed tax the acxtident and the

A has met pmpcriy appreciated flizr; said a$p¢:~x;'.i, T1143:

' irhésztst awarded i3 011 the highm' side and, thercszfcrzrtz, he

u fiubmits the ccampensafion reqlzires to he zeducztd,

9: 5? mm the: afercsaiai maizsriai {:1} record it is that,
the claimant is a MBBS docton He was aged 32 afgiz-._t11£:=

dais 0f the accident. He was yet to be matzieei hi:
the afomsajd actsicitant his righi: haugifgvas = b
finch:-r:3 what) have deposed bcfcprt:
spokcn abmit the t1't:at1114;:11i.fiv_¢_:f11
hcsspitals, PW3 has sfated that limb

is 80%, The claimant' gays in the

hcrapitai and at least ifo cf the injuries

sustaingéd, v,=§2';::1V*I% i'<;2rr 6 mgnfhs i11c1ur:1iz1g the
pzéziod was' He has spent a sum of Rs.

38,45-.j3j_~ to1L-§a1*;VisV niedi4":aV1"'§:-#xpcnscs as evidenced by the bills

,i11=.1f}1e.: c;é1Sé';""'3Jndcr these cilcumstanccs, the award

{If the heading of pain and sufiizrizlg is jars:

aiid :10 119i cal} fax any intexfamnm, Sirzailarly,

–vawa1fic:d. towardfi medicai cxpatnaes is aim pmper.

A ciaimant was an ixzpatiflnt in ihfi hoayifal ft)!’ .35 days

it Bangalore away from his native place, his mother and

u hififother have attendexi can him and, themfam, wt: pmpom: iv

award Rs,5,€.}()i)/- tewaztis mnvéyanmg R$,5>,()Qi3/~ ttzrwaztis


Dflulifihmfillt and Rs£«,O0O/ ~– towards atfsandant all

Rs.1f:T»,00G/- under thc afczrcsaid head.

10, The ctiaimant hag praduccjziffxvcs V’ b
tam Nursing Homes showing that hr-2,2
8 AM to 2 PM in one Nursing
another Nursixlg Home axfd each.

But, unfortxmately the have: net
entered “said decumcnts.

But, nr3net}1§*lc;s:=§__ years experience as
doctor, 1a$_§fi:i;r is paid F:’s.3,(}DG;’~ per
month cf the accident. ifnésr thasz:-,

cirr311m_stan¢;ié.3,, g<;::;t;' _if two crjrtificatcs are: held ti') be 110?:

..prx::-':_..«i.L:uEi, iI1e:4:t:13a——–:_'af thf: claimant was not less than

;'i*§§'\evas away fittrm wgrk for a pexigd of 6 mfinths

a116,, is Entities} to 3 sum 01' Rs¢3{},€}{}G/ –. under the

i1eadi"21g §I?«':'§5v¢42!f].I1C1f}I[I€.'f during the period cf tmatzzlezntg Thetlgh

%%..jj~:§¢%Tdmbi1ity 1:0 the 111131) is 30%, Imrmaily 12411: @:f that weiuld

fégcn as the disabiiity for the eufirc. body! In the facts of

" cam claimant being a dmtar his fight hand has btzgn

ampzlted and in his lifetime he cannot become a Surgean and



even thcvugh he: can crontinue: with the pmfezssion, bu.:""i!:ze Wiii
not be the same with a perm-B having a
czimtimsiamtgs, if the ftmcttional disability is
the whale boaiy, applying mg I-'11i3,1itip}j§:%r xfi3.eV A ;
cxzmzpcnsaition payable under
incczmal disabiiiiy is Rs¢3,84,6×3§fV~rV,b 'a '$*:31m g V
man of 32 years, In thcf.-'$5 of his
;::aa_r1y1'11g withmzt tha AA'fi:<:.:o':_»'z}c very bleak and.
thereforrts, we await} _;a Sglfi '(if – the haading of
less of to spend his rest
of his Vcim1zmstanccs, it would
he {if Rs,.:'3Q,GDOj — towards 103$ of
futm 8 ye:-am have iapscd fitwm the

date 95 ihj: tjsicrc is no atfsmpt on the part of the!

"alt iimb: The chancxzs of his H3311' g to

:i1a;v::_:- iimé be ruled out. Themfore, we award

Rs,5e;gog9;~~ "m:aer the heading pmviding an iimb.

"»-<.__ T}12_1$, {rim ciaimant wcruid be tssnfifled to a giczbal

V'L~fifn:;:a;p§;;$afi9n tjgf Rs.6,94,3Q3/=~ which we mund it off to

M RSmfiwlfl LJ



11. The learned Cfllillsfii for the insuranoc

egntcndcd that th: eriasimant has alga ca3nt1ih_1iié:§ _

negligencxz and, thertzzfcrre, 5G’?2’o of the to btjéé-. –« .V

deducted out of the ammmi: awalfigd «

erder 1:0 substantiatrst their <;0I&'tt:'Q.iionV"t}§éit L'

cxaniziiauied its the accident, the dvfivzér =.°;_rf not brain

-2-zxaminszé. The spat skififiiia hfis gxéyt N9 eye-.
wimeas has been Ae:xami11@z_i_. T’ in fhgi crf contzributery

nfigfigenm: war;-1: 3:1r§i’j:;;s§;:i01is1y§§::z:§i1iés§§<fi"'£iu1fii:g triai and thtjugh

that Qsnrxfér " the matter before the
T1ibunal,A"fl3& has chosen to pmfetr the

C.§I'{.13SA.'::'}.)'}.€?1:?fI'i!"_5;k3\_S;. '£123.? thf-ai: view of that matter, we :19 not Sam 33;};

":m.:::rii:—-ii1 161$ mniéiifion,

hast awaxtiszxi the intextst at 8'?rE:, The

— aCCi(‘ii”£3?£’1i7 ¢.:’rf”3:ha: year 2901, We. dc: act. find any jussiificaiion ta

._’;§¥fl’A’;y::i,’f’;:{“£E’:I£3vvV’\:’*2;Tii’h~ the. said order. EB. that Vififiw of firm matter, we

the faiiezvwing mfier ;*

(£2; Appeai is cziieurged in part 11/

(b) In substitution cf the mvard of the V.

£1 sum of Rs. ?,90,0{}0/- with interest

date ofpeiition iii! the date Q5′ féé2ym.gfI1f. ,

(C) tfirass Gbjem’on$ is A.

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