H M Anjineya Reddy S/O Mallegowda vs The Secretary Department Of … on 16 September, 2008

Karnataka High Court
H M Anjineya Reddy S/O Mallegowda vs The Secretary Department Of … on 16 September, 2008
Author: Ajit J Gunjal


 F    53?, Am fior Jayakumar S.Pati1 saw,


DATED ms 'I'E{E mm may 05* SEPTEMBER 


rem Hownm Mr. JUSTICE ggna ca-Lrz¢;3uxL-%%[[[  { V     



L H.1"£.£s.n_;'in«e_v,ra Raddy,
Sic: Mamcwda, . 
Aged about I55  «. 

2. H.Ii£.Rgiumg;:if>a,  é  _% % 

Aged gbau: A:  A 
Om:  "  

Sit:   V _ 
Ageciabuutfiifiyumre, - 

4*.   ««««« 

Afi   Villagé,

'§'m:u-- W a §.14e'._t}:':§1:.l  m


-rIIrI' \-V-Vivi'! VI' I\r'\I\I'Il'\Il'Il\l"I I

nun },...I.:1s.JI\I us mmuvnunzwu ruurl guum wr RMKIVAIAKR I-slur! uuukl Ur KAKNAEAKA HIUH LUUKE U!' KARNATAKA HIGH

Eepaxunm cf Lhyath Raj,
M.3.B ,
Gwamwm c::fKarnat*aka,


2% 'mm Chief Executive Ofi"1e the fcmrth



uu.n- \-vv-\- -5" -v-"I-'run-uv~ Iululn ygvunv VI |\I"|l\lVf"'|lf"\I'\I"| r1n,:.IIr'I uwunl ur AMAIQMIMAM r'Iu..'n"'l \.\)Ui\I LII" l\.Hl\!'|lI-\ll-\I\I-I !'l}\J'l'! LKJUNI LN' l\HI\!VHiHnP l'li'Jl'I l

rmpasfiant did not grant pwmairzzsn tn put. up the said
mmtnnztim tkxefitkxraapanxinmtfimti an ail

the '§a1uk Paxwbayath respondent H65.-3.  

I9’a.3§ gmrsuant to im order at
mrspc:m.cn’¥: Has? to issue: 9. no o;iajec{t$§ti

mmtmzmiun. The sum

gctifinnm-3 bcf-are the of an
apjpieaafifi The same ia .

-m the petitioner
suhm$tsvVV.. murders passed by
rapalmdgézxlmé’ cram, magmas’ h
ass, rm mpecially by re-apondmt

. V.fifi’c:}1g_:rit.y far dismissal of the appeal. He

that a suit 73 pmding mm as between

rwpondent 30.5 in rapect of the

3.. Mr.Gaidy, mm awunml appearing for

Hn.5 sgbmim that the shim af the

patitézmem ‘mat the disputzsé arm bekofi no the Gram


“”‘”‘” ‘-vv-H v- Ivmwfiinnn Nnwn Luum ur KANNIHAKA HIGH!

Paxmlzayath is imrrect. Ha submim that the fifth
raémnaent has ‘title to the said pmpmy. I-Ia auggfipirg

um gm impumesd erdm’ passcd by
rmmfiant as well .33 11% t%’d =
mag: in tha circumstanw af

mrarrant .

€52″ far State

area belany as
the fifth raspondent, {irazm
Panshayath a5a§uwajL%L%gumsm af fact which 3

aha where. Indead, in the

mmijw. to ba mfioeé that pursuant to
comwucfinn was put up, a
by the faurth Impotflemt

V K rmpandent is encroaching tm public road
up a ccnam-ucfion. Indeed, this was
by the am respondent before the third

raspsmfimt. Tm third rmpondcnt has, purauam to aflfl


I-nun \.\.)Ul\| ur l’\l~ll\1VH-\H-‘U\.I-\ rztun gmguui VI’ !\.HKWHII~\IV-I i”§I\:W LUUKF Ur NANNK-HMHKA !’fl%..~.-r1 LUUKI U!’ KAKNAIAKA Hilafi QUUKI ur KAKNAIAIKR rilufl ‘

mzrder, mm tbs fourth respondent Gram

yat§3 no imam 3. run abjecfion

paztfilig zap mmtruction, Th: saw was

the I1&fi befare the rsacxzanxi = .:f_» b *

rmpmsiant. Imimzzl, apfjeéufiingvvvffor the
pa-.-m*a:~m~ is right in paid onclxar ‘u
mt a awkémg sgrgdsg. of the
on a pubfic road.

In wrmlci dacmse that
3′:-.: rcwpondmt ‘$ putmg up

.–__;a area but hawevmr, t%

‘_i:z.ié’ ggoasmsion. When the wnatrucfzion ‘a

up an the dhpumd area, the ascent!

ms Mm been more: csircumpect and
‘4 ‘ §%uidx:V mm mnaidmed the mattm’ in pater clataJ1.’



V’-Iv-\’ v- nnnlw-unrxm “awn uuum VF KANN&HAKA PIIGE-ll

a§s.s:&w+;2c<35 on me me af Civil Judge (Jr.Dn.) at
cm: 39 Ruins 1 and 2 my ictjtznction and _


R The fifih respondent app-‘*”* . ‘

vacaflng me 3%. The said.

ma fim order was %

w%::h Eh: ma mpondem
gym? as 5211 pending. mm is

E% by batht2m4;x.-t§3io;5a:’a .S:l§§ No.5

ta mum mm W ,1.-1, W.

that the wim the ma
” ‘Hinze, it b not open for
the rm: ttm the prfipezty

he in required m emmsah 1:3:

kL%m1§ Court. In fact, the third mapondcnt

Gram fihayatlu to issue-. Na

ought ta have also taken note of

* %%k%s:1:;;k.@;~;g£m§pasuaa by the Civfi Court ‘ ‘ the am:

_fi*csm1mJ.tt:izg up any comtnmuon’ . , fl


5″”-‘”” ‘-‘5-‘UK’ U’ *V'””‘”‘”-*”\” “39” ‘-,-»’~!UK’ U!” IKAKIVAIARH HIUW LUUKF UT |\l\KNP”\§§-ilifl HIUH LUUKI Ul” KAKNAIRKR HIUN LUUKI UP KAKNRIRKF ?”EIU|””

2%. fine mart facmr which 3% rsesquiread to be: taken

note 3? is that hefire cammermirxg any

ma area withirx the Gram Panchayath. an
reaqufimd ac; be made seeking :f ‘*

Swftwa 54 gr aha Act we-uld

permiaaizssri is a mist
mm, in tine case on it is
:1-13 “Z’a§u1c; Pan<:hayat}v1"' the Gram
Pm:Ie%s;ya?.k to igattg a Having
wma to in tha Civil
am ' 4' @:d.enm 2 and 3
canmt M #'u§;taZ1rV1Ft=zi 'a " é

I the following ordcris paaaed:

ggggmxmgumzramx stand quamea.

Inmm stands remitmdtn the fourth

rampcndmt, Gram Pamhgrathm mmidw the

rmumteftiwfifihrmadmtfin putting

mznstnwflm Al

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