Jagannat S/O Kallappa Kamble vs The State Through on 24 September, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Jagannat S/O Kallappa Kamble vs The State Through on 24 September, 2010
Author: Ajit J Gunjal
A V' " .. V 'Fqz' 'AIa.1id._ 'Dist: Gulbarga.

2?. "'v2ASiddé;re1%n S/0 Hanurnanthappa

 AA  "{1}-:"A}aI1d Dist: GL41}1)a_rga.

'  -7«Sh£1I1I'.21ppa S / 0 £12,111 1.2Immt'}'1a-lppa.


DATED THIS "mp: 242% DAY OF sEP'1'r~:MBER, 
THE HONBLE MR. JUs'1':cEA"AJ1'1' j  

WRIT PETITION No.so253_29é1  2m.o2%» 2« 
& 30292-293 of 2010 (LA-REs}2  - = ~ =


1. Jagannat S/0 Kaliggbpa   
Age:34 ye;£1"s__, OCC2 Agl'¥iC1.§l}.«1§_t.11f€ I «. 

R/O Bh;1S1'i§_)0'r  =: = _ 
T q: A}anr_1_, Dis.::"C;},1}b--arg;21.Q .


Basaa Warzij 3/ Q E{ai11_udi2i~11.th2ippa1
Age: 40 yea1*£;., Or;C:.._AgriC11ltL1re
R;/0'-£3i'1us1:<Jx:1rM  V'  '

Tq:A1an.d f)i's.£:'.Guiba.rga.

3. .  S"/0  Ha 1;umanthappa
V_~=1.Age: 35 ye'ars;_,___QcC: Agriculture
 R"/C Bhusnoor

   years. Occ: AgricL1I.ture
R/Q }3husn00r

Age: 42 yf3f3.l"S. Occ: Agriculi'1.1rt?
R/0 Bhusrlotn'
Tq: Aianci Dist: Guibalgaa.



I 0.


Ramazma S / 0 Hanumant.happa
Age: 45 years, Occ: Agricrululre
R/0 Bh11sno<.3r

'I'q: A1:-u'1(i Dist G111baa"g__ga,

Bhimshanker S/arg21.

H1185-">E1i1'1 Sab S / 0 £\z'Iz111eb0<:.)b S2-1b
Age: 50 yea1*s, O<t(t:Ag1'ic111tu1'e
R/0 B1'2usno0r
'l'q: Aiand I)is;t.: Gulbarga

Ramanna S / 0 Maruti

Age: 46 years, O()CIAg.§FiCL11f;t.!II'€f» _4' 3 
R/0 Bhusnoor   
Tq: Aland Dist: GuIb21rga_.

Sidramappa S / 0 Veerbi'i'vtEVrf;i'ppa
Age: 50 years, Oejqc:Agr1c--ui.t'ur1i::;E3i
Age: 50?_ye2§1irs_.V Oct;:A,,cji'i<:uVitufe 
R/0 Bh1j_~;=:~.Ij'o0rV__ _ V  _  _   '
Tq: Akantl. Qist: G«u1'b.arga] 
Sidra,méi'ppa_ 8/ 0 ' SFxiVa-ppa
Age: ' 55 V yearé'; . Oc:c'E2'\;g*;.".icu1tu re
R/o.._B1msmo'r." _  '

... Petitioneras

Vf  sz-in".  1éa§:"e1._ Hussain Mahiboob Patel, Advocate)


 'i'h e "€ié1i:e2 through

I)ep;ui'y Commissioner

V " Gzilbarga (Revenue)

H Executive Engineer

PWD Gulbarga.


(By Sri. Shivkumar Tengli, AGA for R1 & R2)

 p(§JE.~~ifiC)5I1f3'I'.'E-SA. is t.héit'"the said usage of the road and

 of7ro_;.id is without acquiring the land and

 pet',iti(3ners have given a represent.ai.ion to the Ij)epi.:ty

,  L?or;1'{;1issi()11c:r. %/


This Writ petition is filed under Articles 226  227
of the Constitution of India praying to issue a writ of
mandamus directing the respondent no.2 for_'.s:e-t.)ldi1'1g_;§

the land acquisition proposal to resp()11dent”~m§:~.j__’__:’-tggfiiip
the estimated case of the iand for taking fn.t::t,l1ve’1=V.iieizion
as per Land Acquisition Act. i8C~’}'<3….i¢r1 viéfii1(iS V
mentioned in Annexnre»A1 to, :3 '}~)ei'3,*1i'ii:V§'ir:.t '?1e;)_i'
compensation to the peiiiiio11ers'.._!it1

justice and equity and etc..

This petition ontutor’»..p’i”e1imi11e1ry heening

‘B’ group this day, theVc_o’u._1V”tfisidesthe-‘.Ifo1}’owir1g:

The5pet.it;ioiie’rs, be izhe owners of the iand
in qu:e’stio’n..Ito Viitiheir’conterition that certain area of
their iandhas use of by the respondents for

fOI’I’l’V3.?1_'[,l’Ol1 ‘of_1V*oad’- i’rt:rn”‘{}idg21. to Knlali. ‘i”}’1e case of ti”1c

vtri-thou_t~ the comperxsation. It appears the


2. The learned counsel for the. petitioners submits

that the Deputy Commissioner has direeteti the
Executive Engineer t.o look into the mat.t:er, who Ti.’.’-“.«’__kl’.1..1l”l’I
has direct.ed the Assistant Executive
into the matter. We are at this stage. it it

3. Apparently the relief w1i;ieIi”‘i:-2

petitioners seeking a direction to. the St£3.!1;’t_3A’.f.’t’L}”{:1(fqtIi,i’f§’r.

the land and payd”p.e1*1satio’n:.xdoes not arise
iriasmuCh_ gt t::1’nn<;wt to the St.a1.e
to acquire _Vthe"i.;1nCE-.» it is the grievance of the
pet:itiorie1'si..ti'ie1t.t':t}1sey"have 'iZ")"(':'C'i'"lV4 deprived of the use of
the by. the road without aeqt.iisitio1'1
procteedingsit, .2ir'e.»pV"4'r:eqi1ired to file appropriate
proecéetiiiigs see.king'v.conipensation or damages, Liberty
V is to J[.I"1§e(‘.t1t.ive EZ11;;gii”1ecr. P1ibH(‘


saezrsvssozvxz/,ev24~a»»~p«»»/«a~.o:x»av;».«w»ww,_M.MW.»=,m.,,.,.,…. .



A1mexure~«’C’ exp<3di1:ious}y.

With this ()bS(;¥I’V’c1{i()Il Hm petit’i01’1 st.a1’i’d_s 1{¢;_jVc2é’ir::(i–_..T ‘


on 28.02.2006″-. at

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