Jagannath vs Smt.Munni Bai on 30 June, 2010

Madhya Pradesh High Court
Jagannath vs Smt.Munni Bai on 30 June, 2010
                                S.A. No. 483/08
        Shri A.L. Patel, learned counsel for the appellant.
        Heard on the question of admission.
        Having heard and perused the records alongwith the impugned
judgments this appeal is admitted on the following substantial questions of
               "(a)    Whether in view of the provision of Section
               63 of Indian Succession Act and Section 68 of the
               Evidence Act         the courts below have rightly
               appreciated the available evidence in holding the
               Will,   Ex.   D-1,   as   alleged   executed   by   late
               Moolchand in favour of respondent no. 1 Munni Bai

to be genuine and admissible document?”

“(b) Whether the findings of courts below
holding the respondent no. 1 to be the daughter of
late Moolchand in the available set of the evidence
is sustainable under the slaw ?”

Let notice of this admission alongwith copy of substantial questions of
law, returnable within six weeks be issued to the respondents.

Necessary steps alongwith requisites of registered post be taken within
seven days, failure shall result in dismissal of this appeal automatically without
further reference to the Bench.

C c as per rules.

( U.C. Maheshwari )

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