Jagdambika Pal vs Union Of India And Ors. on 24 February, 1998

Supreme Court of India
Jagdambika Pal vs Union Of India And Ors. on 24 February, 1998
Equivalent citations: AIR 1998 SC 998, 1998 (2) SCALE 82, (1999) 9 SCC 95, (1998) 1 UPLBEC 557
Bench: P . M.M., S Agrawal, K Thomas


1. We have heard learned counsel for the petitioner. We have also heard learned counsel for the CaveatOrs. On hearing them,-the order which commends to us is as follows:

(i) A special Session of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly be summoned/convened for 26th February, 1998, the Session commencing forenoon.

(ii) The only Agenda in the Assembly would be to have a composite floor-test between the contending parties in order to see which out of the two contesting claimants of Chief Ministership has a majority in the House.

(iii) It is pertinently emphasised that the proceedings in the Assembly shall be totally peaceful and disturbance, if any, caused therein would be viewed seriously.

(iv) The result of the composite floor test would be announced by the Speaker faithfully and truthfully.

2. The result is expected to be laid before us on 27th February, 1998 at 10.30 A.M. when this Bench assembles again.

3. Ancillary directions are that this order shall be treated to be a notice to all the MLAs, leaving apart the notices the Governor/ Secretariat is supposed to issue. In the interrgnum, no major decisions would be made by the functioning Government except attending to routine matters, not much of any consequence.

4. To come up on 27th February, 1998 as part-heard.

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