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K Srikanth Rao vs Sri B A Subramanya on 13 September, 2010

Karnataka High Court
K Srikanth Rao vs Sri B A Subramanya on 13 September, 2010
Author: J.S.Khehar(Cj) And Chellur





CCC NO. 27g ,/9010 {C£V1:,} -_  

K.Srikar1th Rao, _T '  ;
Aged about 42 years,   '
The Commissgietier,  V' 

City Municipal C3i0'1,_111(:i~3¢,  
Madikeri, Kbd 172:smja_:."~~. _ _
(Described i_11*€h;¢Vorder.éis§f ..  V 
Chief Q'fficerV,"j;1\/£aE£f§}§efi-- .T()VVP. "  '  'V
Mun_ic;ipa_1if:y',' Kodagu ' Distrirgtj.

. . .C0mp1ai:nant

[By Sri  Counsel, for
M / sg 'Nj,rayami*t1ia'Advocates,)

 v.  .2. I A ..... ..

'  _ 81*? B .A;-.'§;iJb'i";?;i":1--:;::1ya,

V _ §\/Ia<:?i'fkerAi, £{E)dagu District.

Shrgp No_..12i~/5197, Market Complex,


_ "(By Sri.K.A.Chandrashekar, & S1'.i.C.H.J:é1dhE1V,
_  X«*. c1Vc5Cai'es)


This CCC is fiisciundei' Section 11 8: 12 of the
contempt of Court Act, by the complainant, where "in he
prays that {his Horfbie Court: be pieased to initiate
Contempt proceedings algainst the aCcu..seCi"<.._'*for

disobeying d1'reCt1'oI1 dated 24.06.2008  _i"1fs_
W.P.Nf).42671/2002{LBwRES) C/W \V.P.i\?0f_<'ii~33Sf2/:22-OCR 
and order of the division bench dated.V2-51.02'.-2'0OS' ir1__ 

W.A.No.1_108/2008 (LB--RES) Vide»..A.I_}I1ex'ui'e'¥'A.'flit  

This CCC coming on for 'Vth:21';~3:- 

JUSTICE passed the foiiovvlfngz

J.S.KI-IEHAR. 0.3. (Oat):  

The   this Court by
filing a Wi'i'L  petition was
dismigiseti   order passed by this
C0113~t':,pf:1" V_.'C'.our'i: directed the accused

respondef:t"~.to' has-1dA'--oVei: possession of the shop taken

 by 1di.m""'*'v;*ithin three months. Despite the

 _  péosseussion was not handed over.

  order dated 24.6.2008 was assailed by the

Ru"22;uV:aceused'%resp0nde11t by filing a Writ appeal. The

-  éiforessid writ appeal was also dismissed on 24.2.2008.

" wSt:1'_1I possession remained with the aeousedwrespondent.

3. The instant contempt petit.ion came to be fiied
at the hands of the Municipal Council, Madikeri on
aceouiit of the di.sobedienee of the orders passed by this

Court. The accused respondent has been identifi.ed{.”‘i3y

the learned counsel representing him. He—-.’h’as..ha-h’tie_t1 V”

over the key of the s.hopv.:”i?o—.Aquestion:

Commissioner. City Municipal ‘:’«Council, “Madike:_i’~..inr_V

Court today in token of ha1*id;i’i2g oveii. it is, V

therefore, submitted thee” coi,ir1’se’iV for the
aeeusedwrespondent that;sintrej’§§oss_e’ssion__ has now been
handed oVer,:..t.he order stands fully

complied ‘= in it

Having.exémined’~the nlatter in its entirety, we

sre_;_of’ the the lapse at the hands of the

. .is.,aeeiiseCii~:respondent”in not voluntarily obeying’ orders

Court is very serious. As long as a

eontedmpi; had not been flied at the hands of the

Munieitial Council. Madikeri, [so as to enforce the

V .e,Vdiiie.ctions issued by this Court), possession of the
j shop was not handed over to the eoni_p.l.ain2int»

p§%t.ii;i<)ne1*. Orders of this Court need to be complied with

L1r1i1.2.1tora.i1y. The aCCllS€C1~”}’.’QSpOf1d€1’I'[. and others

simiiariy situate him having not abidod by this
Courts orders (i”eferroC1 to above), Corxseqiieritiy as many

as 78 ctomempi petitioris had to be fiied b}g»..””i;h<:

Complainant:-petitioxier to enforce the directions.

by this Court. Besides resuiiing in

expense, this action of the accused–rospo.fidcf1t

resulted in unziecessary wastage of_AA4Co'1Lart'7Ati:iI:2'e.VV»__

therefore, Consider it jusisrid appiiopriatoi. impose

Costs on the aCcused–res;§t;311de1i'I..i__ 'Tho V"~-.fio'C'used»
respondent is accordingly.*""d.iifeoVfed costs
quantifieci as RS.25,00'OV'/.%'(t\iif€}:iT;$f fi:\f's"_'tLIfi<:i1sand]. While

paying the 'Costis, a<5oLjiVs§§:1;'V:;espondent shall

deposit, Rs;"'i..O,'G0Q'V,a/miA'{§'o11"iiVisho11saI1d] with the Karnataka
St;2ii'é–., so CoimCj__1:_,___.Rs.10,000/~ with the Advocates

V '_Asst)Cia;fi'(31iMg~~ . '_ i3at3ga}o'1'€, and the 1"ema.ir1i.ng

thousand} with the <:or11piaiI1ai1i»

Miiiiicipéii"V{:{).f1I1C)}:1. Madikeri. Recoi.pts t;he1'eof, shall be

record within one month frorri today,

iéiiliiig W11ich. izho Registry is c1i1*ct<;:t.oci to rc-:~11'.st this case

fo1"7o'1:e:)t:§or1 heariiig. so to oni"(31"cs:€% paynmiit. of costs.


5. The inst€.I1t contempt, petition is disposed. of in

the aforesaid terms.

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Index: yes/no

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