Kailash vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 17 March, 2015

Madhya Pradesh High Court
Kailash vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 17 March, 2015

                 Shri Nilesh Manore, learned counsel for 
             the appellant.
                 Shri   R.S.   Bais,   learned   Deputy 
             Government        Advocate         for         the 
                 Heard on I.A. No. 1513/2015.
                 This   is   an   application   for   suspension 
             of   sentence.       The   appellant   had   been 
             convicted   under   Section   325   of   IPC   and 
             sentenced to 6 months R.I.
                 Learned   counsel   submits   that   during 
             course   of   trial,   appellant   remained   on 
             bail.   Trial   court   has   suspended   the 
             execution of jail sentence after conviction 
             also but for a limited period.  At the time 
             of   initial   arrest,   appellant   has   been 
             remained in jail for two days and there is 
             no likelihood of early hearing. 
                 After   hearing   learned   counsel   for   the 
             parties   and   considering   the   facts   and 
             circumstances of the case, the application 



is   allowed   and   it   is   directed   that   the 
execution of the jail sentence alone passed 
against   the   applicant   shall   remain 
suspended   during   the   pendency   of   this 
revision   and   he   be   released   on   bail   upon 
his furnishing personal bond in the sum of 
Rs.   30,000/­   with   one   surety   in   the   like 
amount   to   the   satisfaction   of   the   CJM   for 
his appearance before the Registry of this 
Court   on   12/08/2015   and   on   such   further 
dates as may be fixed in this behalf by the 
Registry   during   the   pendency   of   this 

   C.C. on payment of usual charges.

  (T.K. Kaushal)


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