Karnataka Rajya Prathamika Shale … vs The Distict Registrar Of … on 6 July, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Karnataka Rajya Prathamika Shale … vs The Distict Registrar Of … on 6 July, 2009
Author: Ajit J Gunjal


ma HONBLE Mr. Jusaixcéi AJKM T 
WRIT PETITION No.9299 ()3 f£$O8f(}.1¥irK'SR}   


Kamamka Ragya Prathamiké' '  
Shale Shikshakar Saragha ('.Re:'gr}V.)""-.': AA  _
Represented by its G6neraiS'¢CI%et2}zy,v  
S1'iV.M.NaI*a.yanaSWa1xiyg:" " V' V' '
5th Main, 4th,.c:-ass, A  - " '
Gandhinaga1'?,   ~      A
BaI1ga1or€§-56Cr0i§9..       ...PE'{'I'I'IONER

(Sri SM 41").  V Aiivs.)
AND:  L A  1  %

E. Tht; Disfriqt Rc_%gS"L-réi":of Societies,
Biangtcalere Urban District,

 & ''MV;G,''{€<'oag1, Bangéi1ore~560 001.

'   _  fiajya Prathamik Shale

'- A  Shikshakiyar Sangha,
No.2_16/23;, Varalakshmi Nivas,
Rézmarx Maharshi Road,
Sadashivanagar, Bangalore.

» AA Rvsspmsented by its President,
V' ~Smt.Ram,adevi. . . .i'?ESPONDENTS

V%     Subramanya Bhat, Adv. for M/ssubbarao & (.30.,
 for R2; Sri N.B.VishWanath, AGA far R I)

This W1? is flied under Articles 226 and 227 of the
Constitution of India praying to direct '(ha respondent to

hold enquiry on the representation made by the:

V%e§3etiereftionvv”of A the second respondent society is

‘ izi-%:191is writ petitien.

. .7wV1:i_.tio:t1ei’ submits that having regard to the similarity of
1:53, Section 7 of the Karnataka Societies

“”Re§’s’e’ation. Act would be attracted. He submits that he

mtitioner and take action to canoe} the registrafion of
the association of the R2. 7

This W.P coming on for preiJ’mina1’y _
«Group this day, the Court made the followirxgf . “‘ ‘A — ‘

The petitioner claims A.

associafion of V’
Shikshakar Sangha. rm and
female teachers’ in It is their case
that it is a Suffice it to
say that also made an
applieeejoo T’ the first respondent.
The styled as Kamataka Rajya

Praemmm s:1a1e%’e shikéhakar Shikshakiyara sangna.

2.\__”B;I-sifjfihagwat, learned counsel appearing for the

has fjed repIesenta1;ior1s/ objections, copy of which is

produced at Annexures E and E3′. Notvvifihstandiilg the
. I X

petitioner that would meet the ends of justice. Needless
to say that the unsuccessful party before the.___f1rst

respondent is required to have its rights aéjucii{:?a”t:e(§”‘in

a competent civil Court and not in a

Article 226 of the Constitution (3:f’Ii}t:i’ia,

Consequently, the foIIoWi111g.(}fii_e:9V is:

Petition stands .._of. Represefiiéifioxis at” ‘

Axmexures E and F’ be”ecj1:sidered ir1’~aeC0rda.nce

with law.

AGA is permitted to
file mains bf four weeks.

, Hag”;

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