Mahadevaiah vs H M Mallarajegowda on 25 January, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Mahadevaiah vs H M Mallarajegowda on 25 January, 2010
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh

IN THE }’i1CJi”‘i C()[.J[{‘1′ I )1′ §{.»’\RNf\Tf\KA AT }3r\NG.»’\[…{)Rl{
Ehiucl l|:is1%’u= 2:?” clay uI’.]a:1uary, 2930

-P» C to re

THE H()N’BIJ£ MR .1: ‘.mc71i’ HULUVA 1):

Crimimu’ 1\’evi.vio:2 1’cr:’n’zm.s’ I434] g;/{rl _

In Crl.RP I434/2007

Mahadevuiah S/0 Bl1S;l\:’Cg()\V”L1l’.;§” ‘

49 yrs.Ag1’icultuI’isl.i–fa:’ad;umlaéiiliT’A ” H ._ > _
Chutnarajanagm’ Di.~:L1’ict v_ Pclizioucr

(By Ms N Padmavgit§41’tA.”:;fi:{l\.=.J

And: ——– M

1 H mlt;m._j§-g=§;3»v:_§1′;1..j,3%’–« ‘


H Su%V1ix_fzi1’.:_jLI.57 ”

3 N]”PL1I1£lI}I1’L1’L~-39 yrs V

‘ * .. Affilrc ,~;-/.Qf«J]at§lcg0\x*(1::

4 ~_ ” –._SI1ai’1’1t|i;i.:i;:_j1;:.;”43″! yrs

_ 5 “Ma: 2:Ee.gc’>~~.v”du

Sin D;0d{i:1 M;1dcg(m*(L=u

.V Ai§ are r/0 Humclulmzllmilt ‘»’:il::;c:
‘ ‘ ‘Ch2.LI1’l£lI’Llj1lI’|;lg£lI’ Di>;l1’ica



6 State of Kilflflliilkil v by

Cha1n;1m_}2m;Lgzu’ ELM Pt zlice E'{<::a'1ésn»;as.1¢ r;.I,_~ T ~

(By Sri S G Kushinath. Adv. for ix'!-S1

In Cr§.RP 888/2008 –

Maliamjc Gowcla. 33 yrs

S/0 Mzilicgowciu

R/0 Hzxradzmulzufii T-aluk _ _ V _
Chaxnarajnnagas” ._ E?cli§’i;b>11c1′

(By Sri Sonmshckur K;:sE1i::z11l.aQ”kdv’E


1 Made. Gowdu.’ ‘S51
Slo Dnvcldg-gm-,1LIeg0wLEu_


Prasad @’~.§)Ll 1?.i. ¥?1’vz15z1L:’1_’3;V ._ 7′

3 Thotad 8:15;:\-‘:tgdw:tE:;. ‘?’5_gsm
S/0 Liffigegguxxrdii’ 4′ ”

V 4 f.VVi1’V1hL!,(1C\’1;i. ‘\_/is

– 0;STA}1(;£.;1d E.3z1siiV”.:;: the
JMFC. Chu1nzu’:1_i:1nuglur ‘ ” ”

These R::visim1 Petitions cm’ning on for l~Ec:n’ing {E5ri..~§ da’yT.w,11″1c C:)_L11t’1

made the following:


These two smrisions hm-=c §vcc11>;n’L:.ff€rt’c(l £Ig_a1i}3:~l 1hL’W(v)”l'<;Ai,§1'.§_)'[' {mi IMVC V

Chamarajmlgar in CC £145/2()€)2 and CC_ I! 14/2{}U3._yLfhicl1 iglrc cam: and
counter case filed by {he 1)ai'1-é._c§j;.:g_;1–§_11s13-.::i1tul.)'»a,)1¥'m'. By two independent
orders, cases have been C1iS]7()SL'_d'V_O §'ii1'ITU'1l£i.}1€(3{11*;v'}V'§*\§-V-IHC learned Mi1giS{l'allC

on 19.6.2007.

in –_H H1/v2{;{‘}’:),.”CQ1fii~}V§L.E.i’i’1’l “.\;}S fiicd 11);’ tilt’. 0f’tb11ce.s’ punis;hz1h%c

under S.34l zmcl 324 ffw ‘S.. 3~1, 1″i’5’.(” in-j the complaainunt agzairaxi the ‘dL'(.’.Ll.’~;Cd.

V The a2cc;L1$é:d;i11 the i’ur111H-cV1′ s.’;1.\ \t in ihu c.m11pluit1;tn1′ in CC 1 145/200?. and has

fi:lAed,t_Hc offences ]’)LI}%i>4il;Ih§L’ undes’ $.34? 323, 334, 326. 2306 rfw

S’;’3’a1;’3.i”*(f. ”

‘V Learlycii’-1?~:i1gisI1″atc ha:\i1}g med I3-;;E§1’£E’n.’ czxses ;~;imu!1zLI1c<)us:ly

'-:l_CqLiit'I€d~Ih€'f}CCL1SC('l in both the caN'_'.'x. lf3cing ;:g_g1':C2-=cLl, compiaimants in the


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