Mahadevappa vs M/S My Transport Co (P) Ltd on 31 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Mahadevappa vs M/S My Transport Co (P) Ltd on 31 March, 2008
Author: B.S.Patil
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'HI IL!'
IE Tfim nififi CG'u';'R'£' 0}' '''''V''''"'"'

_____ _ -__._ 4.

1" A Fifi


FATE? "iii? HE

THE Horrnnm MRJUBTIOE n.s.1=.4;?i':1.L'e   F" t

M mum 3 T  e .. é 
BETWEEN:     - 'V 

S/o Fakirappa Katani,

.A.ge;35 yea_rs,
R] o: Ganjyal,


District: Bagalkot.    *  V  'APPELLANT
(By su.c.L.K¢a1ia;§g1.   

a1M/st; (PjWLtd.,
Dcihi Roadgg ‘
G1_1rgaon,._ ‘ ‘ ..

e ‘V The Hfvianagei’-,
” ‘ ifiational Instifance Co., Ltd.,
* -. _ ..Ciramudhyog Road,

in g-g.:«;;e;;.1};ga;-agu, Adv. for R-2,

~ …….”.«._-_…. 1…. “1… -…+ .1 A
Vuguauat tl..l.C- uI.i.u5i’flr;u|. a’?zI’:.u. nweuu.


Notice in R1 dispensed with)

-an appeal is filed u/s 173(1) 91′ the Motor Vehicles Act

‘- –m–= dated o1;o7.2m passed in

‘ ‘g_ 1v’C No.822/2000 on the file of the Member, MACT–VI,

Bijapur, partly aiiowing the ciaim petition for compensation

.—- and seeking enhancement of compensation.

This Appeal coming on for admission, this day, the Court
delivered the following:


Learned counsel appearing for the 1esp0ndentI-

Insurance Company brings to my notice that

herein Sri.Mal1adevappa S/o Fakirappa ‘

M.F.A_. I’-10.8908 [2005 seeking exlhaneement.of-eonipensatioii in

mspect 0*” the same Lnciflert and ygn-‘I’? I d ‘..;»r “t:…i ‘

. . ….. …… ….. .V …….. -_ ,,..,…..
and award passed in the sa:fies…r§1..v.e..w.s2e;;.u0., disposed 0
on 01.07.2005 by Mot(5r:dA:eeidentsA’éClaims ‘Tribunal,
Bijapur, which has uhee_Ii hy this Court on
05.02.2007 it The present appeal
is another”ap_peal- player. Counsel for the
appellant has.happened due to mistake. The

least like this is that the appellant

deliberately iI1d=’:J.lged:” sir-h ‘”i””C’fi””. ‘rloW”v’er, l1’*vi1’1″ re””‘d

» 2 the vs”al$’mi_ssio11 made by the learned counsel for the

this appeal may be dismissed as not pxessed, I

not ‘deem it necessaxy to impose any costs which the

no in the normal circumstances desezvgto bear. Appeal

is therefore dismissed.




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