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Allahabad High Court
Manoj Kumar Verma vs State Of U.P.Through Principal … on 2 July, 2010
Court No. - 6

C.M.Application No.26630 of 2007


Case :- SERVICE SINGLE No. - 2674 of 2000

Petitioner :- Manoj Kumar Verma
Respondent :- State Of U.P.Through Principal Secy.
Petitioner Counsel :- Amit Gupta,Km.Vishnu Mohini
Respondent Counsel :- C.S.C.

Hon'ble Shabihul Hasnain,J.

It has been informed that an amendment application was moved in
the year 2007. Time was granted to the opposite parties for filing
objection. No objection has come forward till date. As such, the
amendment application is allowed. Petitioner to carry out the
necessary amendment within a week.

List this case in the next cause list.

Order Date :- 2.7.2010

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