Mr. Amitabh Kashyap vs Bsnl, Patna. on 23 September, 2009

Central Information Commission
Mr. Amitabh Kashyap vs Bsnl, Patna. on 23 September, 2009
              Central Information Commission

                                                         Dated: 23 September 2009

Name of the Applicant                    :    Mr. Amitabh Kashyap

Name of the Public Authority             :    BSNL, Patna.


1. The Applicant filed his RTI application on 15.12.08 with the CPIO, BSNL, New
Delhi requesting for certified copies of orders, instructions official records and
notifications related to Smt. Renu Kashyap’s application dated 16.01.07 in
connection with closingd down permanently of her two STD/ISD pay phones
bearing Telephone No.0612 2669335, 0612 2669334. The CPIO replied on
13.03.09 informing the Applicant that he has been furnished para-wise
information to the points contained in her letter dated 14.08.08 vide office
letter No.APIO/PTD/Amitabh Kashyap/2008/06 dated 30.10.2008 which was
sent by registered post No.998 dated 31.10.08 at G.P.O., Patna, along with
enclosures. Being aggrieved with the reply the Applicant filed his Complaint
before the CIC on 21.04.09 requesting for the information.

2. The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the
hearing on 23 September, 2009.

3. Mr. Bijay Chandra Jha, DG (A)-cum-CPIO represented the Public Authority.

4. The Applicant was heard through audio conference during the hearing.


5. The Appellant stated that he has received complete information and that he is
satisfied with it.

6. The case is accordingly closed.

(Annapurna Dixit)
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:

(G. Subramanian)
Assistant Registrar

1. Mr. Amitabh Kashyap,
Flat No. 38 A ‘Pratishtha’,
HIG/SFS Houses,
Pocket-I, Section-18,
Platinum Enclave,
Rohini, Delhi-110089.

2. The CPIO
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited,
O/o the Principal General Manager,
Telecom District,

4. Officer in charge, NIC

5. Press E Group, CIC

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