Mr.N K Singh vs Department Of School Education … on 24 March, 2011

Central Information Commission
Mr.N K Singh vs Department Of School Education … on 24 March, 2011
              Central Information Commission
Room No.296, II Floor, B Wing, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama 
                     Place, New Delhi­110066
     Telefax:011­26180532 & 011­26107254 website­

             Appeal : No. CIC/DS/A/2010/001656 

 Appellant /Complainant        :     Sh. N.K. Singh,Patna  
Public Authority               :    CBSE, New Delhi
                               (Ms rama Sharma, CPIO, Sh. 
Y.P. Verma 
                               & Sh. Balwant Singh)
Date of Hearing                :    24 March 2011 
Date of Decision               :     24 March 2011


1. The   applicant   Shri   N.K.   Singh   submitted   RTI 
application   dated   14   February   2010   before   the   CPIO, 
CBSE,   New   Delhi   seeking   information   through   seven 
points – enclosed herewith as Annexure A

2. The   CPIO   vide   his   order   dated   18   March   2010 
provided   information   which   did   not   satisfy   the 
appellant   who   preferred   appeal   dated   25   March   2010 
before the first appellate authority. The matter was 
adjudicated  upon  vide FAA  order  dated  3 May 2010  by 
concurring with the order of the CPIO.

3. Not   being   satisfied   with   the   above   orders,   the 
appellant   preferred   second   appeal   before   the 
Commission.   The   matter   was   heard   today.   Respondent 
was   present   in   person   as   above.   Appellant   was   heard 
through videoconferencing from Patna.

Decision notice

4. After   hearing   both   parties   the   Commission 
directs as follows:

Point 2 – appellant clarified that he had sought 
information   with   reference   to   the   two   schools 
listed in his RTI application and sought to have 
the   rules   governing   salaries   and   allowances   as 
well   as   the   salary   scales   paid   by   both   schools 
to   their   teachers.   Appellant   is   directed   to 
obtain   up­to­date   information   from   the   two 
schools and provide the same to the appellant.  

Point   4  –   respondent   is   directed   to   provide 
information   pertaining   to   the   school   listed 
against Aurangabad, Bihar.

Points   5  –   respondent   is   directed   to   provide 
information sought under this point as available 
with them.

5. Information as above to be furnished within four 
weeks of receipt of the order. 


(Smt. Deepak Sandhu)
Information Commissioner (DS)
Authenticated true copy:

(T. K. Mohapatra)
Under Secretary & Dy. Registrar
Tel No. 011­26105027

Copy to:­

1. Sh. N.K. Singh
Parashuram Pool Bhandar
Sri Ram Chaura Mandir, Gouriya Math
Khagaul Road, Mithapur
Patna (Bihar)

2. The CPIO
CBSE, Shiksha  Kendra, 
2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar
New Delhi. 

3. The Appellate Authority
CBSE, Shiksha  Kendra, 
2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar
New Delhi. 


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