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Central Information Commission
Mr.Sandeep Kumar vs Ministry Of Agriculture on 19 August, 2011
                   Central Information Commission
                 Room No. 5, Club Building, Near Post Office
                   Old J.N.U. Campus, New Delhi - 110067
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                                               Case No. CIC/SS/C/2011/000422

Name of Complainant                      :      Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Name of Respondent                       :      Agricultural Scientist Recruitment


The Commission has received a complaint dated 15.4.2011 from Mr.
Sandeep Kumar u/s 18 of the RTI Act, 2005, against the Agricultural Scientist
Recruitment Board, New Delhi for deemed refusal to his RTI request dated

2. In order to avoid multiple proceedings under sections 19 and 18 of the RTI
Act, viz., appeals and complaints, this case is remitted to CPIO, Agricultural
Scientist Recruitment Board, New Delhi (along with copy of complaint and RTI-
request), with the following directions:

(i) In case no reply has been given by CPIO to the complainant to his
RTI-request dated 5.3.2011, CPIO should furnish a reply to the
complainant within two weeks of receipt of this order.

(ii) In case CPIO has already given a reply to the complainant in the
matter, he should furnish a copy of his reply to the complainant
within one week of receipt of this order.

(iii) CPIO should invariably indicate to the complainant the name and
address of the 1st Appellate Authority, before whom the complainant
can file first-appeal, if any.

3. In case the complainant is not satisfied with the reply received from CPIO,
he, under section 19(1) of the RTI Act, may within the time prescribed, file his
first-appeal before the Appellate Authority (AA).

Case No. CIC/SS/C/2011/000422

4. On receipt of the first appeal from the petitioner as per the above
directions, AA should dispose of the appeal within the period stipulated in the RTI

5. In case the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of First Appellate
Authority, he is at liberty to file a second appeal afresh before the Commission,
under section 19(3), along with complaint u/s 18, if any, within the prescribed
time limit.

The complaint is disposed of with above directions.


(Sushma Singh)
Information Commissioner

Authenticated true copy:

(K.K. Sharma)
OSD & Assistant Registrar

Copy to:

1. Mr. Sandeep Kumar,
S/o Shri Ram Kumar,
VPO Balsamand,
Distt. and Tehsil Hisar,

2. The C.P.I.O.,
Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board,
KAB-1, Pusa,
New Delhi.

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