N Basappa Since Dead By Lrs vs Sharadamma Since Dead By Lrs on 4 December, 2009

Karnataka High Court
N Basappa Since Dead By Lrs vs Sharadamma Since Dead By Lrs on 4 December, 2009
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala
IN T! IE HIGH COUR'I' OI' E{A.R.NA'I7\K/\ XI" I33/'\N{}ALC)R}£

I)A'1'1:«:D 'l'I~IIS ml; 4?" DAY OF 1')13:c:1:«:2\/{B1431-Ta 2009 

If3I*3f*'O RE


WRIT E>I«:*I'IT1()N  inQ76f3--768/20b('_)'9'     '

Sr: N B2.1s2;1g.:3})e1,
Since cieacl. by L.Rs..

[1) Sn' B Somashekar. ._
Age: 86 years.   _  '
S/0 iatfle N Basappa. _  I

No.10 [Oid No.15).   V .
C&1I]1b£"id§§€ Road.   n   
Uisoor, Ba1nga1(Jre~5£3O*i:OO_8. " '

{2} Sri B Che11'Ivdra1sheAkLi._:'dH,  v
Age: 69 ,VE:a1rs,  " ' V' '2
S/0 E2-116 N 8z1s21[')'pa . _
N0332/IO. 1"='- Mzim, V
S,38 {01(mo. 15); M -- 
" ';,'ambricige 'Roz-1£_i. ' 
_ _U'~3§E'i_(){)i".._' I332-11'1g21~I<)11§--56O O08.

 {  n£;"Ti3':_2;:' Rfiidy. Adv. for p€U'l,i()i1€I.'S}

"Pet. it ion ers

Sim. Sha1'adan'1I112.1.
Smve (iec?<-'used by L.RS..

{1} 81111. A Ga.yaLh;'j.
Age: 50 ye.=.1rs,

W/0 811' K R2i111aprasad.
No.40. 6"' Cross.

R M GL1t*é.a]'1a}]i,
I')0dd.:1byrappa Lane.

(2) Smt. A Sewbhagya.
Age: 42 years.

W/0 H D RaC.:hajah.

K E B Coiony,
E\/Iandya Town.

(3) Suit'. A Sh21shik21Eaa.,. :f 
Age: 40 years.~ """  --.  
W / 0 K I-'{a_}ap;3'._a.n._ _
Iyyaiaikotc Ag1*éi.ha':'a, '

Ti2"1'uvanar001'. A1jc(')'E M I3isv%:;_1"i{*-1'.'--

Tamil Nad Ll.


A' ._  'xVv'§'i{:.P.<:vnti%"ior1s are filed under Articles 226 8: 227 of the
C013stAiL';.u'UZ.o1V1'[.0f*._Indi'aT, 'p1'aying to quash the order dated 3.4.2009

 ;.)e1s:=.sec1"1:r_\f'.t1f:t? VVC<'i1,~1.I'_T' Add}. City Civil JL.1dg3f€. Mayo Hal, Barlgalore,
 'iA':'.;uR E5' N{.);2"5002_/2008 vicie AI1nexL1.1'e--J.

_ _   'These P~etiAt.i011s Corzljng on for preijn'1inary' h€.a;'i1'1g ilzéss day, the
4C_'1(}:,1z*":..3:31a.(9FL€_% th{%'"f0110w1'ng:


“Hie pe1ii:i()1ie1’s/ I.<;~':ga1I heirs 01' the JL1dg1'1}t?1I"1[ I.)c§.)I'.(')r i\E0.I in F D
P §\'o.100}2/1.995 on 1'.I'ie file. 01' IV Add}. City Civil Jiicigc'. i\r'E;1.j;rQ Hall.

i'_3E:':1']g_{é11(I)I"t' City. are b<?I'(.):'e t'.1'iiss C(_}z:1'1. p;'a1yi1'1;3; {or qu2;1.s;}"1i1i;;{. '{i'ic_3f'–Qi*cic?1'

dz-u_.ed 3.4.2009 passed in R P N0.25OO2/2008 at zx.;–.i:1-Sea};uij'e§;';'i L'.-'.i_f'1'idu'~

orcier d.:–'.:i<-;'d 3.4.2009 passed in EXC'.C.'.L'i1iO1&'"CL1S't?


2. “I”h(:% brief facts of H16 Case 1ic2_1iCii.:ig 1.c)””i,Irie v£’_iVliVn,g “jabo\re” V

Writ. Pe1.i1’i01’1s may be si3.1,ed m1dc:~:1′:____. «’

One Sha1’£1d£1I11I1′]E1 euicl “ih1″€’-G” .a suit. in O S

Nu.94l/ .1980 j Civil JL1dgc?. I\/[aye I–{.211}.

f:3aI1gal01’e, 1’01’ ]:)’a1fE’i’t.i()1’i’ By a _j11cig1i’1c1ii and
decree dates; in O S N().94i/.1980 Came to be
the jud5g1’1i1c1’1i. and ciec1’ec made in

the s’uit;-,._’_}~l,I1e pIai1i11,1’£1′:s pI*ei{=i*r<<*.d Appeal in RFA

Ev i'<E0'.v490/ Single Judge of this Court, by Ljudgmeni

"Ci.;§'.'{3(§V'1.O.7. }§3"E3VEV"q.'1';:1I1()xx.[*t::<;i {he A}fi)p£7.i._}i(§’]Irm} C(.)L:1’1. L(;’?.-11″I’I(‘,(i Siilgle {.Ju(igI’_{e 0{1.I’1.i.s Comm has held

i4′.’.iiz’:1. ‘;’31:;1iiéiiiifi” No.1 (‘.I1§_iUE’.Ci for half sslizim in. the 551.111 S(i’h€dL11E3


p1″oper1_v. ‘1″1’1e (:Ie(‘ree holders filed F1113] Demee P1′()(‘eec11’ngs in
N0.10012/1995. By order dated 21.8.2004, the triai Cami heid that
1’11e lront p0r£1’u11 01’1.1’1e .<2 p1’c’)pe1″:.y is three 1imeVs’:’-_hig1’1e1′

than the vahle o1’1’he 1″ear p0r’Li01’1 c)1″1h.e. 551,111 schedule ;.71′<)§')é%I"1;.}Tf.-.T.The

front": portion of the suit' selicctéule property was 2111c)t.1,e%c%–;1<5 t'.11e_'s1ié1re_'"ofV

the c1e1'endan£s and the rear ;")0r:.ion 01' the .s;t;n':.. selied u.1e§.:1"'g)g')e1'Ijy. xzéds 0

allotleci I0 ihe share of the pIair11iffs, wi1e1iglib'er't.y

that in the event 01" opting to rake ihe porfion o{t1;e p.r'()'pe1'i:y, me-

p121ir1ti1Ts; can take the from portion c)I'V_L1.1e"~:=sr.1'i1._Vsehedufe pr<3pe1'1'y and
the FDP was disposed off ()r1"'–'i r,1raw1'ng f1'na1 decree

31'0ceeC11'n5s. On 20.6.2005. 1.1'1'e'*'?{E"1'iii'Ofie1"s V2 .,1;V'(§."'-4/C1(?C1"€'.(? holders
1 5 . 1 ~. . –. ..

filed an a1;3}:)1i(>a1’i1i’c)11_éL1;1’1dei§i.; “Se.i_:-$._1″O:’1s 152″‘;{nd E53 I”/W Seeleicm. 151 of

C P C, pralyiiig 1.0 2r11_1Ver:iVL1r.. t’fi1€V”*{11ia_.1 decree in the suit srihedule
prnpe1″:.y arm? r”:1er§’:.4i..<:)1}.»1.he~_ar-321*:eae§ 2396.60 sq. ft". (as sI'.e11.ed in the
C()1'I1I]'1iS&5i()iiv3'3.1'"$x1Tf?§')O1'1.}"i'1'3S1;§?§1C§ 01' 1391.60 sq. ft". 1}'1e1'11.i0ned in the

piairn 011' ~ .1:Vh.-:0 g1"e.1_1i'1vr,*1 of ove1'sig11t:. The final decree in F1313

VA';1rr1'1.c211c1ed as per 01'c§e1':~;: dated 21.6.2005 on

V'7j.6.2{)06 alnil the &S.E1"I'11(i'. was; 1"€:g1sLc%1'ed in the (")f1"1'(.:e of SL1b–Re;._§1st1'ar,

S.Ij11\-':;1}1n:;ig:x.1j. 'Hie dec1'ee ho1ders filed 1%Zxe('rur:1'0n C2»1–:.-3%'. in

for deiiveljv 01' vaear1'i' possmi-3si(';1} of the s(;:11edu1e

per the 1'i1'1a1 decree proeeedirzgs in 10012/1995 dated


21.6.2005 amd })1';1_vec1 for 15531.1(? 0? cielixrmy \v2;11'mz'1E 1131' vz–16.21111
p:’-;$essi(>n. On 13.10.2008, ‘i.1’1t’-I 1’ep1’ese1’1i’ }3€’i4i1i(‘,)I’1€1’S [L.Rs., ()f’J.Dr.
No.1} filed 01)je(*1.1′(:>1’1 I10 1’iX€(:1,.1I.1′.011 Case and é’:11S() filed an a1pp’Ei_Ca1′,i()r1

for stay. On 10′ 1. 1.2008. iht.’ :§X€’.(_’.{l1IiI’1g Court 0ve1″n-xleci 11;{r:.V*.V:(3¥§j}:%g§t;~i.0I1

and I’ejeci.ed the ap1::>iicatio1’1 for satay. On

p€iif’.i()I’1€I’S filed Review Pet..i11’o.11 in N().2500-2’/’ ()V1:11″ {hex 0

Review Pet 11.1011 in N025002/2008 was cIié1:1i::éséf1 £~11’1’d_Ai.b_e


Court issued delivery wa1″1’a1’11.. ‘I’I1c%1’e3f’k§1::?. Ihé §3(‘.’,¥’1:f.I’.(V)fl€.V1V”S’§v”i:i’I’€? “be1’0fe’

this Court p1’a.yi1’1g for qt,1asI1i.i1g the <)1'dc3V1?A' 'd.3.1.'<2§1 3.4.2009 in R
P N0.25002/2008 at A11neXuré"~J1";1:3.d– L.()1§d(:1'4 3.4.2009 passed in

Ex£~:cu1:io.:1 Case N0.25088200:8"at. 0 1

3. 1,c:21.1’1’1e.c1 [.1111″}1.¢_1.E1′:i(311c*rs submfls 1.hd1′. fin2:11 (1eoree
was a0n1<':*11ded aA1f. holders and i1'1corporated
the I1'1€&ESLI1::'{ii7£)_1.’c%, Review P(;’.i_i[i0I’1 was; filed in

U122} Court t”t1″1’€C1 in 1*c2jectir1g ihti’. :-3211116. E-£6

0′ , ‘1A’_0t11’1″‘vf.I*1<1"i;1'1 155111.123: Lcisalivery war1'a.m. in I:3xecut.i(m Clause No.25068/2008

pct?'1_h3_g)'1fde1' dated 21.8 2004 made in FIDP N0. 1.0012/1995.

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