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Patna High Court – Orders
Naresh Paswan & Anr vs The State Of Bihar & Ors on 16 September, 2011
                            Letters Patent Appeal No.896 of 2011
                      (CIVIL WRIT JURISDICTION CASE 1116/2001)
                                     Naresh Paswan & Anr
                                 The State Of Bihar & Ors

Letters Patent Appeal No.339 of 2010
(CIVIL REVIEW 35/2009)
Naresh Paswan & Anr
The State Of Bihar & Ors

3 16-09-2011 Both the appeals relate to the same matter and

between the same parties. The appeal against rejection of

review by the writ court is L.P.A. No. 339 of 2010. The

writ petitioner who is respondent has appeared in that

appeal but not in L.P.A. No. 896 of 2011. However,

learned counsel for the appellants accepts notice in L.P.A.

No. 898 of 2011 also. Let a copy of memorandum of appeal

as well as limitation petition be served on Mr. Ratan Deep

Prasad, Advocate for respondent no.4 by 19th September,

2011. Let the name of Mr. Ratan Deep Prasad , Advocate

appear in both the appeals as counsel for the respondent.

Receipt showing service of notice upon counsel for

respondent no.4 in L.P.A. No. 898 of 2011 must be filed

within one week, failing which the memorandum of appeal

as against respondent no.4 shall stand dismissed without

further reference to a Bench.

On behalf of writ petitioner a prayer has been

made for seeking instruction in respect of limitation petition

as well as in respect of appeal and to file counter affidavit,

if required.

As prayed, let both the appeals be listed under the

same heading after four weeks.

The appeals shall retain their position in the list.

It is made clear that appeals may be disposed of

finally on the next date.

( Shiva Kirti Singh, J.)

( Shivaji Pandey, J)

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