Praneet Kumar Singh vs The State Of Bihar on 15 July, 2008

Patna High Court – Orders
Praneet Kumar Singh vs The State Of Bihar on 15 July, 2008
                            Cr. Misc. No.50896 of 2007
                               PRANEET KUMAR SINGH
                                THE STATE OF BIHAR

8/ 15.07.2008 Petitioner Praneet Kumar Singh and

informant Smt. Minu Kumari alias Pinki Kumari are

present in the Court.

Bank draft bearing no.992554 dated

12.7.2008 amounting to Rs.6,90,000/- (six lacs ninety

thousand) in the name of Pinki Kumari alias Minu

Kumari has been deposited by Mr. Krishna Prasad

Singh, Sr. Advocate, Patna High Court, with a prayer

to handover the same to Mrs. Pinki Kumari alias Minu

Kumari (informant), who is present in the

court. The draft has been handed over to Mrs. Pinki

Kumari @ Minu Kumari, who made endorsement with her

signature at the foot note of the order-sheet which

has been identified by her lawyer Mr. Diwakar Prasad


Since both the parties have made compromise

before the lower court, no further order need be

passed in this case.

Now, the matter stands closed and this Cr.

Misc. stands disposed off.

JA/-                                                (Syed Md. Mahfooz Alam, J.)

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