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Patna High Court
Ramkhelawan Singh And Ors. vs Diplal Mahton And Ors. on 30 November, 1927
Equivalent citations: 107 Ind Cas 537
Bench: K Sahay, Macpherson


1. The appeal was presented without a vakalatnama, The vakalatnama was, however, filed subsequently on the 8th November, the appeal having been presented on the last date of limitation, namely, on the 28th October. It is now stated by the learned Vakil that he had the vakalatnama on the 28th October, but it was not annexed to the memorandum of appeal by pure oversight. It appears from the endorsement on the vakalatnama that it was executed on the 28th October and that the stamp was also purchased on the 28th October.

2. In the circumstances, under Rule 2, Chap. VII, page 63 of the High Court Rules, time is extended up to the 8 th November and the appeal will be registered.

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