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Lok Sabha Debates
Request To Ban The Import Of Agricultural Produce And Products Such As … on 9 August, 2000

Title: Request to ban the import of agricultural produce and products such as turmeric, sugarcane, tea and coconut, immediately.

*SHRI K.K. KALIAPPAN (GOBICHETTIPALAYAM): Hon’ble Speaker, Sir, I would like to bring to your notice what is happening in India now when agriculture is the basis of our economy. We are faced with a challenge to both the agricultural sector and thereby Indian economy. The agriculturists who grow turmeric, sugarcane, tea, onion and coconut are facing a great problem now. They are not getting remunerative prices and they go through hard times. They are forced to meet with suicidal ends. It is reported in papers also that they are on the verge of taking to ropes to be the nooses to put an end to their plight. This kind of situation is prevalent in Tamil Nadu and also in other parts of India. Agriculturists are hard hit by the import policy of this Government. They are the most affected by the import of such agricultural produce which are already growing aplenty in our own country. The import policy is greatly affecting the Indian economy taking it to the brink of disaster. Great Tamil poet saint Thiruvalluvar said –

“Idipparai illatha emara mannan

kedupparay illathu kedum”.

When there is no one to point out your omissions you would be ruined and spoilt even without anyone to do it. Precisely the same is happening to this Government now. The import policy handled by this Government leads the agriculturists and farmers to starvation and force them to resort to suicidal deaths. Their lives are hanging. Those who grow turmeric, sugarcane, onion, tea and coconut are in great problem now. Their plight is becoming pitiable. Hence the import of such agricultural produce and products must be stopped immediately. The Government must ban the import of palmolien. Several foreign countries have banned the consumption of palm oil as a health hazard. But India is importing it.

*Translation of the speech originally delivered in Tamil.

Such agricultural products that would affect the local farmers are banned in many countries. Recently Indian scientists have been conducting research on the AIDS healing capability of coconut oil. Such coconut growers are not getting a better deal. The farmers must get the fruits of their labour. While coming to coconut I would like to bring to your notice the corruption in Tamil Nadu resorted to by some Ministers there.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mr Kaliappan, what is that you want from the Government? Just mention that.

SHRI K.K. KALIAPPAN : Copra available for Rs 20 per kilo in the open market is procured at a rate of Rs 32 per kilo. There must be a CBI inquiry into this deal. The Government must rescind the import policy that affects the farmers.

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