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Lok Sabha Debates
Requested To Change The Rule Of Seeking Approval Of The Cabinet For … on 22 August, 2000

Title: Requested to change the rule of seeking approval of the Cabinet for filling up the posts of the higher grade officials in public sector enterprises and to empower the concerned Minister with the ultimate authority for appointment to such posts.

DR. NITISH SENGUPTA (CONTAI): Madam, Chairperson, through you I would like to draw the attention of the Government to the very sad situation, that is, the non-filling of vacancies at the top places in public sector enterprise. The vacancies, as reported in the newspapers, are about 40 in number within the appointed time. On 31st July last the Chairman of the NTPC retired. It was known to the Government at least two years before that he would retire on such and such date. Yet, why is it that no successor was in position? There is a very old rule, it is practically 50 years old or more, which says that for all such appointments approval of the Cabinet is necessary. That means, the Minister is not the supreme authority. After Public Services Selection Board prepares the panel, it goes to the Ministry; after the Ministry’s clearance, it goes to the Home Ministry. With the Home Minister’s preoccupation with Kashmir and all that, obviously it becomes one of the many files in his office. Then it goes to the Prime Minister’s office. This antediluvian and hopelessly outdated procedure should be changed. The final authority to clear all such appointments should be vested in the Minister in charge of the Ministry.

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