Smt Jayamma vs Mohd Liyakhath Ali on 17 July, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Smt Jayamma vs Mohd Liyakhath Ali on 17 July, 2009
Author: V Jagannathan

{N *:’:L»:;%: %;:<;;§=§ €'7i{}E}§%'E' mi' §~%.;;a;;i2z\:1«a'm%;<;« f

sf;_.ii1_E4'%€TfiU§"'}T' §3§:;:\%<;;:H, (}é3§',£i%AR{}A .. ' %

E}fi{E'E_§iZi3 %:*§%~+§§§ E',?'5-'H EBA?' <3'? -J':.é:;'*x*j, 2?'a’éi:+A’ ” ‘V


mzs: H::>;=:-*§3;’,;::: ?v’§E1<'Z.J1.f?..'§;'£'£('ii3§::.:§'.{,§AG§?§i§§£x'f'E"§£;%}£'¢'
__ar:.;m, ;¢<,5;§_3_flmg;:'§;;gg};{g;g_

_§j§?:§'w §%';§?2_N: H
'W10 E-":xaja.p;:sai'~j¥;{:is;::z';at;i.,; V' ' ' '
Ageci 42 §,n::ar:s;;_ 9
Ciliti 'F'z3.E§a.(21:"iz":Q:._,'

£€/at. iviziagre
'"§':§.§:.;ka. E3siziazz. " . =
2 = ' 5*-§p§.:s€:1§a3:1§i

{E355 Sa:':i,{;S,§1 §.%év:"a§i'aIT*,v .Aci'vc3{::a%;€:}

"£3, §ér§@i":{'i.' §;'§};':§_§<:i':z2_i<E: $3;
S,/0, §a»i~:»z$§;az1 Ali,
;%gu<%:§:'§"":z;:aj<}r, <}{:<:: {}"éJi'1€":E"

Of' Ms:-1&__:Ǥ:T. (jab,
., " .E€§.o at. E-£us::}?;:a§< {$212.3},
" 'V"{,'_z.:1;»'A§'.~f:,2fi€. .I':'3ii _E2′:Sm”a:”:<,:<i
as ' {.39. §;€d.3

T §'}iv'i$i<}.:'3 €"}_fT':<:s:, ES? %'<'1<3i§E',
Ja;"3ai;a SIh0_§::piz1g, <'§::-:13.Lr€,
;?*§av§;i::{~':'i'.%1, Eééczéapszgy'
E€€_§_:::'€s:::§:.at::i by }%:'za1_":{:E1. 'M;3zjT;a.g{:1',
{.3:'2iE,é':e:§ §:"::i:§a Ir::;:..::"z<2.n:.:i': {Ea L{'.{i.

rtzgarzis arzy kind of (ii$23.1r;§}it3? 221:6 'aha i3':<:{)mf;_ af

a}::epe}1an¥;. rgzeuid 13’£. _haW: ‘£:e€1} éuakéém I11p<:iia;t1£. has rm: piéiztézél-_riecf::ésa:*3=. T:;.ifiS$ '–~_ "

4. ‘”§’ak’i:”;g 1:1e:>t.:: 0? the ev§ii§:i’1c:§ o1’1″mcf0i*(i émd their
:’1;:§i.§r:s: 01’ E11} :11}? $:.1S§E=-3i1}}e<i appefianf and

i;rsa§:m3:'1't bc;ing Eakefi 133.5"-E72635 I{f§riéi".3f.béii and bang

iI'ip§3I§.F$E}3§ " ef the view that
<35§Yij'l'V}¥;3L§"2§:§§{,i€:fiVI§: ' " the T:'ibm1a.% :*€q12§r€:s
:11<:<iifiC:–:{ii€;§§, 'f:f';,:é::.§'€;1i0sving heads;

gggaiis and sazfférigég R35. 3€},{}{§{}/~

V' " j '_"v+.%'«.§?i.s:r:1ri Pc:I’i(2<:i af thrczc moI1t1"1s. Eis. €35€)f)f)/ —

" iv) L055; 0:" a.mm':i1:.i_:§s of fife in

" Virzw :3? Elm ruptum of the

i7_%.:adr£er élfifi izfiurjz to the
Aixizjxxxézz. ,1E3,€3{§{'}[ ~

V} ¥?2,:t':1z""€-': mziiiicai E'reat1n6:;j1t,. Rx 8,000/-

Rs, e3?,<'3{3;~

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