Smt. Kamlabai vs Smt. Baikunthi on 3 March, 2015

Madhya Pradesh High Court
Smt. Kamlabai vs Smt. Baikunthi on 3 March, 2015
                 Writ Petition No.1992/2015

      Mr.Himanshu Mishra, learned counsel for the petitioner.
      Heard on the question of admission as well as
I.A.No.1447/2015, an application for stay.
      On payment of process fee by registered post with
acknowledgement due within a week, issue notice of this writ
petition to the respondents. Notices are made returnable

within a period of four weeks.

Learned counsel for the petitioner submits that
petitioner is ready and willing to abide by such terms and
conditions that may be imposed by this Court and shall cross-
examine the Plaintiff Witness on a date which may be fixed by
the Court.

In view of aforesaid submission made by learned
counsel for the petitioner and in the facts of the case, it is
directed that further proceeding of Case No.H.M.139/2014
pending before Family Court, Satna shall remain stayed till
next date of hearing.

Let the writ petition be listed for orders in the week
commencing 06.4.2015.

C.C. as per rules.

(Alok Aradhe)

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