Smt Parvathamma W/O Seenappa … vs State Of Karnataka Reptd By Its … on 6 June, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Smt Parvathamma W/O Seenappa … vs State Of Karnataka Reptd By Its … on 6 June, 2008
Author: Ravi Malimath


 .     V
WRIT PETFPION NO.2T? 2£)§ <5?  3
BETWEEN :   L   A}

Smt.Parv-vatha1mna,V  __ 
W/0 Sccnappa Hcgdc T V V
Aged: 70 years; V  

Rcprcsenteci " by:/{3:.?.18i. I-I?,)i(ier°   ' " 
S/0 Seen:-:pp:é1 E~Ieg(i1', 
Shimoga District. V  

(BY sR1.B.G.sRIDHARAN,,§t:voeATE FC)R RE4 85 5.
sR1.R.K.HA:1TI, }F*iC_C'xF'I~'C)if~!«.R. 3-3.) "

 we is»   

This Wzitffetitiiin :isis«'rn¢iiiu::ae%' Articles 22a and

2:27 of.the (2on$i:ituti0i;__of indie: praying to declare the
notifxvtationi' " wiiated. 243.2004 issued by R3 as per
Annex't,1re--C, ~ so far as it relates to land
bea1*ing"N'o,.4/6A, 1i1eé;3t11'ing 1 acre 18 guntas situated
at Theertfrialiallii Tow'I'1,.._..i*>e1ong'ng to the petitioner and
quash the 'Same  declare that the final notification

 ciatéd V_1'8.V11.2A005____iesued by R2 vide Am1exuIe--E is
, "ilie':ga1,"= "so far as it relates to land bearing No.4/6A
 'm'easu1_*iiig ~.1'*ac:re 18 guntas situated at Theerthahalli

'I'own,~.be1on'gi11'g to the petitioner and quash the same

aIi(i'etC. f_ .

.'I*'h:is petition coming on for preliminary hearing in

V' :f_''' 'Group, having been hearc}. and reserved for orders,
'itthieday the Court pronounced the fo1iowing:--





At the request of the counsels, the matter.’

up for final disposal. a

2. The petitioner seeks for of

quash the notification 9._4.9.$2()Q4 the’ i

third respondent t:tie”-.notification
dated 13.8.2004 viidei the final
notification xby the second
far as his lands are

concerned ‘and .cion__sec_u’entia1 reliefs.

.~ iticase of the petitioner that in the year

198%, actjes comprised in two villages were

purposes of the respondent-APMC. The

accjnisi_tjion«iieaehed finality. Thereafter in the year 1995,

State acquired 5 acres 5 guntas of land in various

numbers for the respondent–APMC. Some of the

“lands of the petitioner were also acquired under the said


5:3 gmltas wart: E-l€3q1;iiI’€d once again for tht: v<::r3; _é-;:~:1.111c:

APM.(.Z';. The illlptlgflfid natificatjon is =i;i":é-3;

a<.:c;u:isiti0n imitiatesd by tim msp0ndents_ Kira, _:a<:{;:_:j1?¢ thé: ~ ..

laxlcis of the }_3c*:ti+ti011er; that £113,Arespdxiacit:;1:fi:AE?'E\r?;»$s<~?::s;si0z.1 of 1.4 acms <'3fT'1an(i by "vi1*t:.:c' r;f'._1f.h<i:fi§4sé;_ *.

aCqU;iSifi()I'1 ami h6'f}C€i theré' mt: flc<:(éSSitj£} for the

iI1s'i:a.I1'i:. acq1i1iSi§io1"1.

0:1 tlgf,    'for the APMC
s11bH1it.tec§§'tI1}§1;. am far as 14 amws
of   that the same: W(3I"€f3

11a1’1.1.t.e }1a.s gI”a.mt.€;ci

;’%;’a§1E§&§i,2mtizai Earids to tile: APM C in the: year E987, “I”h<=:

Lzxnds micititr the saecamii a.<:quisi.t;io1f1 made. in the year


_ 3 ..

1.995 was to an extezm 0f a:::1’es 5 g11r’1t.as are fukly

éievezlopwcl by thffifll. But h0weVe:=:r, they adrzlit th£a§1:{“‘t*;%1ey

have “mm; m.i1ise:d M actrea of iands gI’a3::at.eci .’:i*3$_11i iii.

the year }£38′?. The onflj; rézasoil as SL1}7}i’ZI}_iii€§3C:i’–::J}5 €116, ‘

(:om:1se1 for {.3163 respomlctnt-APIVICI is’ f%.:i*1′.:;3t.’ _E4_ ‘ar;2::¢é,_0§’

laildfi are at E1 g1’c:za.*t;é=:I’ distm__1r:e E1331′; t}’1c?,»’ii.é:”;f2::i’s ‘t:h:3 °

present a£:qL1isiti0I1. The;~gf0§%.:.§xft”; fig i1″{<i0':f§§{é:i'1i<:;;{f;t to L136,
£11036: lands for :'A\ ..,-$336 'I.'11<–:

S11bfl1iSSi()IlS l11§é3_.(i€ éi’%:’A:»{i:;fi;€as0nab}€ and
1″111ac(:epfAa.{§_1c§.E _.éI*§7.*vV’;j.{z:3;i’1′:.f~1’E:s1e and I’i1ar1<"ia:*:d
over' fag; _'%;a%§poI'1de'nt–APM CT), '{Lh€1'Ei 3.3
no '11€:A<f1e§;é3ity' –.._:':LVg;~;jt)s€3q_1;er1t a1c(_:;11isi.t;ior1. 'I'h.e

acq':;isii;i0nV 95"' 1an c1s dep'1"'ivc:$ the c:i_tizE:n 0:? their

'§.rai'{':ab'i€% gjimperty. HQW€3"'s?('3I' in the fuxstam C386,

s;;:v'é*;j1'f.1 iand has bean aC(}_1}.§.I'f3(I1'fO}I' 21

'pui';':1i{: »_jp'1.'z:'f)0se, flrze same Stanrglss vitiated due 120 the

, '::ee.x%;wutiiizat'ion of the Ee1I1d$ aimady in pOSS(i'SSiOfl of Gilt":

A Pivi'C. Acinlittedly, the APMC its in pesmssicm of M

" " ""a(::'es of iamls. when the APMC has 14- aczms cf 13.:r1ds "in


petiti.o11a:', 't.h.e: casér of the responder]: that they h,:31fin::;4"'p11tA

up a COI1Sf;I"£}LCtJ-.OI'}. appears :0 be uI11:rue .

The ctmtemtion cf thfi AI-'MC has no: » is

a<':c0rding1y rejecmd.

C) C’.o’L1:1se} far the pet}tf{é):1eI’ su%}i1iét§icd 1:116
objcictiztms filed by the “‘}’,’4ftifZiC;’I:I’T’1H(§.I”A ii) fiéimis ofVvSe<§tjon E3~A
have not been COI1SidE:I'("id _.1TéS%.i¢fi{l€f1t and that

Shtfi has not 33:5: in t;I;ie'mé3L§ifer…..:é

Hcjwexfgf; 51§3ié;_1c§,* :;_<j11h3é}–..fQr5t.11e APMC s:.1bIr3iifted
that we ohjeciiéxfi-3"i"::aih::_"ii3<::t:I%1 <:011s.id<"::}:'ed anti that the:

jpf3f.itiOI'1€f7i1£§S 31593 bergilfisarci in that r1'3.att<=:r'.

A €:{;1,1nséiV"' f'k:SI' 1:116 APMC has statad that in

154 and 190 of 'f:}.:1»:: o.i"iginal I'é':C()I'dS it

Cali–.1:3e s£r:t:i'.w'1.i1aMt. flit: p€3ti?Li0I1é':I" has 136611 heard I3&:fo1"£2

K '1*€:j6:<:I:i11g..3?16:1' otijazctiaxis. '"}'}:1ere is :10 {$33,301} is disbcfliaivta

'1';3r;xE:~»e:1:«3:izI1 of the respoxldexxt.



T3’Zl.€’.1″f3f0ZE”‘€, based on the sLi’bI11iSSi.01’1s Iliaéfi by the
r’6sjp€>1’1den.§t., it can be said that. title 0’bje::t.ioI1s “‘:>;f t.h(~:

pe1:.i1:ione1” 113%: U661} (11113: <;:0I1sidemcfI.

ti) Ami acquisiiioxa of lands wii1..–}1:é§V.§ 'ht? 'itu,

p1.1bli<: irxtercrst. arid the 131*c)c:e%:1L1;:*¢.. }g§1jr.i.€i;;tE:.d'-«.s§f1<m§dw.:.:E"2-E:

just, fair and r<i:a$0nab3€t..__In iiastam, _;_;as3€;;, Vijrzg-3*.

s.a.3;’ e.:efztissf}!”a1’1j_3? (‘)f g’t}”1€:’:iiE.}. N0
doubt £116 ac:q1.1isitim_i:%”is “:_~;c>+:;,;:g;}’1’ii.._fif1:?z:i*~a pubiic §J1.fiI’}3{)S§€’:,

but wh:::1″1 ad::1jitt.e<11y…s3f3iier' –3ar:c1'§§"§;i*i:;" éul e::2<u::£1't, of M

ac1V'esV'iS'T'av§§ji3a15i<s: " -:.f'’f§;”.é§L1It3li{5′”:;2s«§<:, the ac(}1V1is§.t.is$i%:1 fat” ‘:.:;§*-1-s:–« ‘very purpese for whicfi £136: prersz-:.I”:_%.:

‘ =:_=a§::;:b1,1i:3..i_{§im’ab}}LtZ*:.

7. Fear 3’16 af0.I'<:":s21i€.i 1'@asC2Iiis, E pa:-SS 'thti: fauilflm"-*§I1g2;

' ;0§.'(§€1":


.. 12 …

‘I’ht’:: n’t;ifi<:at;i0I1 betaxfizlg N@.I~2.3/ ILAQSEE, .12/'2(){)2~»

2003 cjiated 1.'3.§:%.2(}G4 i.ssued by the f.}'1ird r6sp;";':'1CiaI1t

vide Armexurrs:-B, the :f1::%t,'i?£i:3ét§.i,§c;~;r;

Ns to ‘!.”h<?:-*:~ léiiiifiifi of 23.16

'p<:':t;itio1'1e::r be:3.I*i11g '€315; :;].{'_ééi'S1.1I'iE1g,!AA 2? acres 153
gu1i::tas: smd Sy.No.4/6B :7 ;{:1"1fif€}3L§§;1I'i'I'1{2; __gL1':1t.as s.:i{',":.xa11:e<:1

at T}1c:f;:1*thza_§:.1a'};§1§ 1" 'I"WH, ~ (1(§1’1€ii{i’.’3n:’I”}€3{}., aw: i2e;”€’t:zf¢

q’:1.asf1¢d.._ — V
W11′?§3′<:?;i*t:icI1"1:1i:spG;s:é<;'i off 2«1c:(:or<:1iz'1giy.

" I'~J'::2 01'<:1€.:n3"'-: £0 (feats.


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