Sri A V Yashodara Murthy vs Sri H K Ramesh on 9 July, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri A V Yashodara Murthy vs Sri H K Ramesh on 9 July, 2009
Author: N.Ananda

Hi THE mtm” comm OF KA.RflA’l”AK.A AT Bméugafi?’ _

DATED THE W mm or JULY zeefif V
TI-IE HoN’m.E am. .was_’r:cE—-r¢;”ANAr§n3A.. Q’

1r:i%§s;§L»LA2vr:o_3s%%% EIRBT HQ.-_..9i%$6

SKL Av. yAsH:>§1xaz<;_e.';-ML;;§.i'ygg
53:) Sm. v::<L;;!.–v.£a§:r;€i3§;t:PA 1;
Aiji-:31) Ai:$(_)U'1' 5%fi.,;§_.31~gS ' '
:<;1:;1vm:-: r_;(.)ia;3i;);aa :é;a§;1;}7:;é:
:51' cROSS i~–._ 4' 'A
sg:£.,-151<'1';=s;,L%1.:S1’RiC1_§ ‘ V.

,A j{;:«s_:r §$Rlf’NLA–R_EN1}RA GLIWDA, AL)V()CA’l’}:3)
7 _ . . W3


‘ ::.– . :s;:<;,___;~:.1<;'.'— kgmasfi

T am; :;~§;.;<L i{}§i..i.£~:: GQWUA 1


~ ":91 052033
V V 'm:::,g:§<.

W :2. ‘m2:: ::’:~a1’1’b:;) ff~£L)1Al£~£SU£€AN{)l::

<30. 1;:'1;:~g,

A. ,.,m»e E: «*1
y,,._ 4 pp fig: M.I:«::.a
r:’»:-*;f”|uF”””” ‘fir? ~13


!d.F’..A.. NO. 923612008

z»-usr 52);:

NO. 108, 2% F’L{)()R _ V
V!::NKA’l’E&§.HWAKA suxmxmc;
BM. moan
mssaea W 5’23 2.01.

against me ciated: 14.2.2008 passed in
xvm: am, 24:5_’;’2ou5’v.ox;«Vtb¢”fi,;¢’¢:’ me m. cm: Judge (Sr. 911.}

midi. II’, aiiowitig the claim petflion for

C%)mpéI’:SaiiGn Rargci seekmg enhancement of c01’npensat:911.

§»§L{?9}}a3.1eo113 First fippeai c13mm.g for (}I'(‘,{€I’S tins

Q day’. the ~:_§ij’ow:zng :


TW0 Weeks time is granteii to oomph: win: umce


~a&\8rnn% gar ~
few. 1 fig}-1:;

ienrsgggirwr N’ ‘


M.F’.A,. NO. 923612908

()bjf:{?ti{)I1S, Failing ucn1ch, the appeai stands {iiS}}}iS*st§{;i ~

I’€3f€I’€I1C{: to ma (fourt.

fl ‘J j V 1 nffiérf Make:

was            %--













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