Sri Gurappa vs The Joint Registrar Of Co-Op … on 14 December, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Sri Gurappa vs The Joint Registrar Of Co-Op … on 14 December, 2010
Author: S.Abdul Nazeer

EATED *m'1s THE _14T"DAY OF DECEMBER  ff;-i  *- 


THE HON 'BLE MRJUS TICE S.:}4BQ'L'I§1'N}iZE/ER M   T..  * '«

WRIT PETITION N0s.32_192 TC; 32'i96/2:110    
& W.P.NOS.32197 T0 3219s22.010 (CS.-_IfES} %



SriGurappa,   1 
S/0 Maharudrappa Wa.:'ad;~ « if " . 
Major, r/a S.0i:1pu i'-- Road, 3; 
ChaIukya'.Naga,§j _.' .. 3 


  _'  .
S/eifiudrappa'   --. '
Aged about 74_ye:1j;"2, V  "  

R/0 Bijagur. _

fiiri Chandra.kan.th, V
_ 'vS?'0 S-hanmukappav; "" 
. ' 2 , BnQgasf1--e,4:€.i; , major,
  V ,Rf*a _Ak_kafi1ahé1sjevi Road,
~. " -BijapurA."j--__  "

Prof?' Shfishaiiappa,
S/<5 Gsjraiingappa Ijeri,
., A' ' R./a Golgumaz,
* .,_N£:ar Ponada Basaveshwara Temple,

5 Sri Subashchaadra,
S/o Kashinath,
Major, r/a Gurkul Road,

6 Sri Shrishail,   
S/0 Gurupadayya Gachinamath, V
Major, r/a Matpati Galli,


7' Sri Dilip,
S/o Sadashivappa Tafiicoti,
Major, r/a Old ss Road,
Bijapura. a'

(By Sri P. Anand,:A<i3r.):-.


1 'I"?1:E:,AJo:l1'a   Societies,
Urban B'an.k Coll',  As_kar Road,
Bangalore; _ ' " . "

 _ 2 ..  Eoint Rogi--strar of Co~op. Societies,

-- ,.B'el:g'aurI': Region, Bélgaum.

   'Sr; Cowop. Bank Ltd.,

A "BijapurV;'L:S. S=. Road, Bijapur,
=-,__Rep_t<i;  its Administrator &
Managing Director,

 x j Bijapar.

  ---  [£'{otitioners.

4 The Addl. Registrar of Co--op. Societies,
(pl-I & O), Bangalore,
Office of the Registrar of Co--op. Societies,
Ali Asker Road,
Bangalore ~ 52.

5 The Deputy Registrar of Co~op Societies; A. 3
Bijapur District.  

(By Smt. M.C. Nagztshree, 1--iCGP)l 

These Writ Petitions are(filed--vulnde1f_.l}Xrti'clesL226 & 227 of
the Constitution of India, pr?1y'%ng:'itoVqua.sh' the ii*is:ei*irn order dated
9.12.2009 passed:.hy«Ri_i,. etc._ i   

These on-;i'oz:'Orders this day, the
Court passed th'etafolli:;}ying:_p  V  ~ ?



Learned_ Counsel for »’th&e}-petitioners seeks permission of this

Courtfito W=ithdraiAz”i–the writ petitions with liberty to present the

sheforep ‘the”–vCircuit Bench of High Court of Karnataka at

Gulba–rga,Vsince the cause of action for the writ petition has arisen

[Vwithin the” territorial jurisdiction of the Circuit Bench of High Court

V V’ lfoiip Karnatzika at Gulbarga.

_ Resporident’s,”~..VV’

2. The submission of the learned Counsel for the pe£itionVe1’s._””e._

is placed on record. Office is directed to return the ease pa;jie’1’s§§o– ;. ‘

the learned Counsel for the pezizioners to enable him to”prese~m

same before the Circuit Bench of High :C.ou1’!{—of?

Gulbarga. All the contentions of the pa_1’Eies’on ‘1nerits'”zi:’xe«;.Vl'<_ept

open. Writ petiiions are disposed oi'acco:1?(ilngly: No'eoslsl V}
' – n ludge

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