Sri Gururaja Chathra S/O … vs K Chandrakantha Kini on 7 August, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri Gururaja Chathra S/O … vs K Chandrakantha Kini on 7 August, 2009
Author: A.N.Venugopala Gowda
Represented by its Branch ?~iana__ger.._

(By Sré.Arun Permappa far R3.)

_ ' « re.$s:F€i§$;b_§.:§;*;99fs; 

'ms MFA as $11.53 UN'f§ER_ ssmmt 1T*.:%:{v::.%;..g;s..5:v§x: 

ACT, AGAINST THE 3uDGME'¥¢.ir-AND *.¢.wA.E;5";aATED:
85.012606 PASSED EN MVC NQ_."2,0£Qf290$«Q}'¢ 'i_"If~%E FILE

This a;3.g:n%:ai  Q}: _:far.._.E9:é3'-a'£*§:ig"'si¥':E$ day, 318 CGW1
éeiivered the fojiezzytéingr,  .  

Pet':t;g:zar '¥sf=tVh's:.~=, a:.§§f;--s§"E4E'é'§3t. we mzoasfzeaa fiieé

by hyiérgri '12:2.der.VS'<e;;_'§§b1:3 1 €S6.of the Indian Mater Vehicées Act.

  the raspenéents fa?' awarding af

€:;3¥¥?';:eJé1s»a7'%~§.§nf.T%'n""respect &f the injuries sustained Era the

 _ §"¥":0t€5--§" xs.gr§?%étAE4§éAa£c§éent which occurreé erg i'.?.§.2§§8 as";

V .éc<:V§§.5s3.t"af actiename negiigence air: tha part 9'? the drévez'

 . o€ §§':::' geods tempo bearing Registration N6. KA-28~41?6,,

  -»§':a(§s men aiéeweé in part and compensatiere af Rs.83,25B;'-

A '  wéth interest at §% p.a. frem the ate ef aaém petition tifi

the date of fiepesét, has been awarded. if:-ssatisfied with

the award 9? Meter Accifierat Ciaéms Tribunaa  .

has been prefarred far increasa.

2, Finding of the triVbunaE'.__t§:--.é_fi tI9é';:._»_ 'pet§t§t§'ié*e.f'~

sustained injuries on account"'*vL.L:c:::fiif*.theV. a":";c) _:'esé.¥:§'.,,,7,v;§:V<'V.'i<ViViagent
which was due to actiosgaijgie   of the
driver of the said offend;n:g.'égéh'%a;i<é   he is entitied
ta the com;3e§rzs§:§iL§;sn  has not
baen questi%i34i§'éT§i'-.$3?'ffié":--ff§.$;,§¢':§--Q_:§:§%1€fé§ts.;There Es rae£t_i':er an
appea%  ?;}'1 e';':"i'i Hence, the erfiy pcfint
fa r cen<.§id&e'fé;t¥c:V§    :    .  '

%._!si¥*:et'i1L"e-."1.a? the:Va._rh(;:§§:1t"'»Lawaréed by the tribunai is

.. «.ijzést~ cem;§e'r3V$a_§E_§:Ar;?
,3,-.._vH$af d"v§§':e iearned counsei on both sides and
$er}{1'sac%u 'tfié"Ljré§:.é fd .

4;;$'et:t:ener has depesed as PW'.1. Ems is the

A 51%;-§.;;:gs_:;:9":"a;*$ certificate which reveais that, there was fracture of

s!rViTaft of right tibia ané fibuifa. PW} whe treated the

 getitioner has deposed regarding the injuries sustained by

the petitioner in the road traffic accifirtt and the


lccnsecguentéai treatment. The sum award_eé§W"'Ei~;%fj----:i;i;.é=a____"_

tribunai under the heads, cenveyangg, atte:§dar{t».§-ofL_§;3%e§%€ffsé;:;1fV:336 must have
empieyed an att§€z<;i__ant,, 'Et"v§é'§2i§' j":¥?§t €§i.V,"3';»4ard a_fu:'tfier
sum of     

5._'?he_'V"a.:;idp§3;}_t._" the head, Ems of
§nco¥r:e ...;dur£r::;A_V}V fh§-..§e;'§v'€:zg_:"a3f'tieatment, is an the Eewer

giée. ?etiE'iQ_;:ie'H;f 'ééé'a_§é}'3" §§_+fiat§ent ané after digcharge, he

 ?2as,.t¥§%;e:a treétméfit #3 an out -= patiant. .'¥':'i'm2na§ E1a$

 §a}<;«ef; §r3%E<s:..;;«s:sVA§'§':*siQerat§0n the actuai period spent, when the

L}'p'£2tfE'%ii_§2«r:ue{'r*:'AV'ié¢a;s;$3E inpatient am has awaréed Rs.§,8fiS;'»-.

V . Petéiéicfgza-:9: .c'c,s€§¥§ mt have atterafieé ta big jefi émmadéateiy

VL..:{a:':$£a:4_dEs§}é'?farge. Even after fiischarge, he must have takers

  éi'.!:e'fasiiE a further gerioé 5? {me month to recever faify and

T 'i'e'  attémi ta ms werk, Hence, be $5 erztitied ta an

A. additézmaé sum of Rs.3,${)§/- thereunder.



In the resuit, the appeaé is afiewad 

mociifécatierz of tha Judgment and Award "  

Acciéent Céaims Tribzmai, the a9§é2:¥'iar3:jt:_'%'f::j'. h'e;i€§4.A.e逧t»i*ez.§ §;sg '
adéitieaa! cemperssation of Pgs.24;3,flQ:€}.:_' ¥"*whicThv"'*%sV§§é§4§vEA. c§;rf;?
Enterest at 6% p.a. fram me §i"'a't:e af péiitééfi i:i%¥ ':§epcs§t.

3"' respondent/insurance Ce'"'m§§an~f__§;.f;i-aii" {je,§§<:»§t the

enhanced cempensatiofi §~ma-ah?” :¥{itEV1f A’Efr :t§r est«.:..AV’¥’h£e the
Motar Acciéent Clavéffifi1§%T§:’bU’fi:$§_é_.§.«’.%.§_t??§_?3£3′ fifiéhths frsm

today. Ne
The amé:2fit«. #3 «ha reieasfi :9 the
appeiiant. V

§};@Ai_s;£:*3r_v;i%:§A.d;:jé’s.%;V the mecfiféeé award.

501/ –


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