Sri Naveen @ Naveen Aliver vs State Of Karnataka on 30 December, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Sri Naveen @ Naveen Aliver vs State Of Karnataka on 30 December, 2008
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala
(Iii? Nojfifli}/ZGQS


DATED THIS 1111:: 30TH DAY OF 1')'Eiii:E:IvLBE§e -2698. _   L.


THE I-IOWBLE DR. JUBTICE rv:g;"'E!r1.A::35G£):;2i6Q8


1. Sri Navcen @ Na.Véei_z..V "fivéir,  
S/0 Pater afiver,    ' V
Age: 25 years,  """   

R/0 Bridge Road, _  ' "

Hunsul',  " '

K R' Nagara Circle, 4' M

Myaore District. ' M

2' Sf}: Ajay Bathi @ Si;m1sanAjith,
S/ti; Sampaih K._3;1Ifl5;1{',  """ 
Age-'=25  ,   

Rio N'~:1.4€¢2;"J. ' -  .. "

34th Mair" '- 
  Mohafla; . . ._
'.;M}"5Crre. ---  'V "" Petitioners

'  .Kt:z_11pe' Gtxwda Adv, for pefifioncrs}

 =z:2.f_ ..i;(a.rnataka,

'V  ' By S:1b-I11Spcc'£0r of Police,
  Halli Police Station,
V% ° 3%311Kfi301"€+ Respondent

(By S151 Honnapa, HCGP, for respondent)

(.’.rI.P Ne.55{3G/2098

This Criminal Petition is filed under Section

Grimm’ al Pmccciurc, praying to Iveieasc the petrifitjoneroxza L’ in ” €391″.

520.429/2003 ofli <2 Halli Police Station, B.e1;3.ga1ore.,' fégisiiaxéci rm £116" .


offences p/u Sections 406, 420, 464, ‘-$68-«oriw .Séci:ioflV34 or 7

This Petition coming on for omgm ti1§gs day. madg’: .

the following:

The pefifionem/aocuscdAAVjnV:T’ of K G Halli
Police Station, for Sections 406, 420,
464, 465 and C, are before this Court
under SCCIiOI£a*:§9″O¥€§:r.

2. 1.ea.fi;e& fipetmoners submits that the
petitioners wore a’3′:”res’tcc:£V ‘vhf=jfiio”‘bLVlnvcstigating Officer on 5. 3.1..2(‘){}8
afi)u1:i1ic:1t_é«o11, the Investigating Ofliccr has stated

thaf..1:h:=: acous’c9d not required for further investigation. He

or ‘si1i”:i:tai€$ Vibe none of the offences aileged against is

7o§univs§hab1o’ (ioath or imprisonment of life and the accused am

; abide the conditions that may be imposed.


CILP No.5§€)€ii2008

3. Learneci Government Pleader submits that

stili in progress and other accused are sti1J1eA”abbsco;1ding.:vui§” .

no good ground to enlarge the accused onibaiifi .. ii’ «

4. Admittedly, the petitioners 1 i;.2008 and
the Investigating Ofiicer has eot required
for further investigationfi’ in of the offences
alleged against is of and

there is no good V

5. In the gs allowed. The petitioners are

enlarged on s:1;’bject”to of the ibiiowing conditions:
t ..,_?Efifioners anal} execute a personal bond for
each with a surety for like sum to the

A saesfgéeon of the jurisdictional Magistxate;

“{2’i_) j tihatithe petitioners shall not tamper with the prosecution

* . _ fivitnesses, evidemve ear documents;

‘ that the pemrioners shali appear before the Investigafing

Ofiicer as and when required, for the purpose of

investigation and interrogation; and


(31.1) z~so.55o:1g29os

(iv) that the petitioner shal} not leave 4_
Mysore District until filing of L.

prior permission.


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