Sri Saik Athaulla vs Smt B G Ambika on 19 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri Saik Athaulla vs Smt B G Ambika on 19 March, 2009
Author: V.Jagannathan
 * 4_ rapt. by its Manager.

IN THE HIGH Comm 0;» KAR}\IA'I'A§<ZA AT Bawczgggam
Dated the 19th day gr March 2009 ;  i
:BEFQRE: '"'

'§.'HE HONBLE MR.JUS'I'ICE : V.JAGAl,\§§§;fiT§§Af_¢ "  V' __
MISCELLANEOUS FIRST APPE_A;LmN0'.«8?'.75.v «/ 2C_¥C*8  ;:;m.:;; T


Sri Shaik Athaulla,  _

S/0 Sheik Abdu1Reh.a;nan,,.V-"" --.  

Aged abcut 22 years,    3. . V' " 

R/a N0. 2/16'?, 5* CrC:£s$','   _  

Musiim COlOIT1}§._D.J.HEl1Zi,'=.   "

Ba:1ga1ore--4.3..-_  i " .4  
3  V'  ...Appel1ant

  Advocate. )

_ W/0 “S.LIm¢Sh;~–,Maj0r,
_; }?=Z{a No;’*3’Z9, Narayanamma Garden,
‘ Behind Rajes;-iwaii Theatre,

}§e:;{:Ii’a,AgI’ahaI’a, HAL Post,
_ B–s-;;i1géii§ar’é; «~ 560 017.

92} raw; Genera; Insurance »::.o.Lm.,
I*}”{).4vI’, II Floor, Crista Complex,
“i,a’ve1ie Rmad, Bangalore» 1,

, . Resporzclents

( 8}; Sri S.Srishai1a, Advecate for R42. )

Mismlianeeus First Appeal flied umdestr Secfion
1′?’3(1) ef the M.\2′.A{:i: against the jucigjnent and award
dated *2.4*2{){)'”? passcd. in MVQ N0, 51583;’ :ZiJ{)7 on the


file: cf the XVI Add}. Judge, Mamba’, MAST, Bangaiore,
S(3CH~14, partiy allowing the claim petjti:§n_:’T..Vfor

compensatian anti seeking €I1l”1E1flCt§”;:i}1€”:I;.1: _ _


This appeal coming on fdr AV

court delivered the following: 4 ‘ ” ‘ V A’ ‘V
J U 1:: G E *

The appeilazlt” we£s__ a sum of
Rs.1,4?,760/~4_:b3%_ mg:%’M.;é;;r_”i%;*I?¢%’j».:;;1 :~e.§1:;¢¢.: of the claim
made by :.hifx1__ E2162.” sustained in 8. a
1?if.5;’2i”>:3*z,.._ The said quantllizi is
c:ai}ed *i11 ‘*o_f:’ the gaunt} of both incame

a:;1d Elna «fiisability taken by thfi M.A.Ci.T.

n w*€_:’r€: o:3 Eh-3 1oi8fé:r.._side.

‘ ” counsel for the appeliant, referring to

tgtxhev:r11écii%éjz3if=§év’ic1e:1ce on record, submitted that the

d0«::;a:~.1*V”i1ais”pu: 422% limb dimbility and 21% whole body

%% £jViis:a;¥f3i1ity. But the M.A.(:.”I’. tack it only at 12%, which

on the Iowa” side ané having regard in the fact: that

the fracture was in betxveexi the hip 831d the imee

portion, tlsza ap_p:~:}i%:”is pennaxlsntiy disabicd and

s i

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