Sri.Shankaraiah Gowda S/O Late … vs State Of Karnataka on 17 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri.Shankaraiah Gowda S/O Late … vs State Of Karnataka on 17 March, 2009
Author: K.Bhakthavatsala

{DATED THIS THE 171% BAY OF MARSH zatjdgf  »'  4


THE HOWBLE DR. .r:Js'r1cE K'.T _IsagAK'1ri:4§LvATé;§.i;gs«--v  

CRIMINAL PET:'r;0N N()_.___i:i)1;Of..';fO0<§  ~ T'
BETWEEN: V u ' 3 'A


Sri Shankaraiah Gowda,,_ _ ‘
Age: 39 years, ,

Sit: Late Doddamuniyagjya, 57*’ _ _
Residing at Ajjappazna ;Ha11i–.Viii:-ige,
Ba21garp¢::t’I’aiuk, V. b
Kolar Disirict. “”” . V’

2. Sim. Nagaxathna, ”

Age: 30 years, ” u ” %
W/oVNaraya11aSwainy,A , . A.
Residing at C/oA.8asava1’a§’ Mangala, .
Hosahglli Road; ”

Hunafiemamnahafli. ‘
Yelahafika, ‘

3:1 Sri V’ NaI*ét-ygiiza

Age; 42 v;ca1’s, * ”

S,’ n_f’V.€nkataramap§}-a,

:Resiciiflg’at +1″.}c__> 8aSavara3′ 85 Mangala,

_ ‘ ~-.. _§*ioss}1a_11i« R.:.>adn,”‘a
” – A. I ;. i~i£Lnase:aa1~anaha1h,

– Bangalciav. —- T Pefitioners

Mushtaq Ahmed, Adv., for petitioners)

3. In the resuit, the Petition is afiOW’f’.d:v ..The f x

in Crimfi 510.26] 2009 of Yelahanka Police ;<;tat;¢;n,'tV M

the petitioners on bai}, in tha event of arrest, sub'j::c%._jm~fi:§fi11meni

of the foiiowing conditions:


that the A fiersonai bond
for Rs. 10,099″) far like sum to

tginét ‘a;;;éitisfé:cfioz1″€)f Ijiivastgtgating Ofiicmr;

appear before the
” « or before 3 1.3.2009;

that vpfétitzanem shat} appear before: the

2 ., IIIv§;f_3tvj,gté{E._i:tig”nVC}fl’iC€r, as and when required, for

t1:z€A$’p2:_r;_>c’se of investigation and intermgation;

t – ‘(iV}’VY”‘:’.’

~ the pfititicmers shat} not tamper with the

t j firasecutian witnesses, evidence: or decuments;

that the petitioners shall move for regular bail,

withia a month from fliifi date of his arrest by the

investigating GECCE, and in that event, this


anticipatory’ bail order shall be in the

regular bail petitzion is disposed , ”

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