Sri Suryanarayana Setty S/O A … vs Sri H S Vepakshi @ Appaji on 10 September, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Sri Suryanarayana Setty S/O A … vs Sri H S Vepakshi @ Appaji on 10 September, 2008
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala



DATED THIS 'ma: 10%: DAY OF SEPrEMBER. f'30Q5§:VV'    


THE i-i0N'BLE Dr. JUSTICE K. x3;;AK1'=;--£AvATs,:§L5' 
WRIT PE1'moN    


Srifiulyanarayana Sctty,
S/o.A.Nanj*unda Sctty, ..  A
Aged abot1t74 years,   _  '
C/o.SrLSiddcswam..Pzpv*.{_siso1; _, _.
Stems, Main Ram}, 55' _. ,  
Chitradurga Dist,   " '   K
(Benefit of  
noteaaimeags.  V 1. 
(By Smt.!{aviti2ua,"Adv..fo1'...f'.   

M] s.I.M.D¢.:.ya:Zah Gs Associates, Advs.)

3/ °-H&?¢hi3¥dr: Hanji 65 £30.,

Indian oi: 

.   .R<2...Hosad1atg$1.

. . .PE'I'I'!'lON-ER


T. Petition is filed under Articles 226 and 227 oftht:

‘ fj ~-(l_’_<"r:isti1§11i:ion of India, praying to direct the Civii Judge (Sr.Dn),

TH_ t3}.a,3kam, to hear the arguments of the pefitioncr in the Appeal

._' ' ~ AR.'A.No.6/04 on its fik: & ho dhposc of the appeal on maxim at the
éairfiest in View ofthe gave urgency ofthe matter.

W.P.No. 12311'/2903

This Writ Petition ooming on for prcliminmy

day, the Court made the fol1awing:«


T111: petitioner] decree-11o1dcr}'T3f§:spon:iA¢§3::t__ V

on the tilt of cm'; Judge f!§§laIl{cit–,,,is him this
Court, seeking direction to tlvn-;" to dispose ofl

the appeal in R.A.No.6,l"2()O4 :a'éi11té:'¢4éI;ii§st.: .V " "

2. The the mspondcut ibr
ejwtmcnt and the suit cmc to be
decreed on time to the respondent
to vacate and of the suit schedule
“iii¢…_.J.n;dgIncnt and Decree, the respondent
and them was no stay of the

Lb the above saiui appeal 1311 25.01.2005. In

, the petitioner fikxi Execution Petition in

the file of Civil Judge {Junior Division) at

Though the appcal was fixed in the year 2004, then: is

% delay in disposal of thc asppeai.

W.P.No. 1231/2008

3. Keeping in vim? that that: suit is fin’ cjcctmctit and the

same: came to be (Iccrccd, but the respondent has

in R.A.No.6/2004 and the same is pending on the %


aPPC81. it is a tit misc to direct the
dispose ofi’ the appeal, in at ‘V

4. In View of the ab<wc.__ the

the Civil Judge (Senior i)i§ri&§:}n), dispose OK the

appeal in R.A.No.6/2004, within three



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