Sri Umanatha Prabhu vs Sri Lawrence D’Souza on 15 January, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri Umanatha Prabhu vs Sri Lawrence D’Souza on 15 January, 2009
Author: P.D.Dinakaran(Cj) & V.G.Sabhahit

Efé *m§:: E~Ei{}H C{)UR'E"" <2? KAR§'$fi{}'&KA AT BAr;{:;;A§,é§a ~ 

§A"I'E£} THES mg 13% my 9? ..:ANz%5Am''A<.fi@0g:%. "' 


THE H{}I'€'BLE MR. RD. Qz2§AK.A:é:.§J\§,--.¢;f:%§§1--i%_--;ééu"gf:%_:a:E§"--. 

mg HG§'sE'8};E ;~;§3f%,gU§;%:"E<'§§--s?;'s:;,Sm§§;=»;.--E~£¥:=':

WRIT' APFEAL ':-4'.c§:';z§:9§1;éé::3s:}L*;' .
BETWEEN:   " " V' 
§ SR1 Ugakémafga P942835  if) "" H
?a mg, 3-5:) A;E: A£?§'E? P€)S'E'_, '§~€$£?:KAL& Appmmm
mxsazzm ';<;s.;a:3g;a;:;x..§.;3'rR:<:'r.

gay 3:33: A KB-Siégaxggi §§;§A';:~--"': ;


L’ .3 f ~ _S§Q.§ L3§;%¥rRiENCE WSGLEZA

AA _ 1.33:;

-_ Sf’*3’*T3AB§EiE*EL 9 $93222
ViLL;'%.G*E, PG gameg

jg Qvgag we"? 5 301523 3211

Qffi PEEL}? B SG{§Zz%.


2. W.P.No.29823/209} Wash fiieé.-“b3*« ::j’_§1 e::

respondent herein seeking for .'(Z’t1″(?VI1€3?””§§V¥§i§?;’»_Sst*;:’}z”‘

by the Land Tfibtina}, §{ark9ia.._\date€£A.V_};i}.8.1’?vé§85 is: 1:58

contexztian of firm patitiaxzer the the
appeiiaflts herein were <§;:Cuf3an-::j.='
righi: in respect Q f dif1'e;f¢_13i_ has been
50138111 £01' inf,' {fled hefare the
Tribunal. by the nenxgrant af
occupafiifitfv N07!' in respcct of
Nct£?é.cn is that {ha Txibunal has not cmisiéerad {Em

‘ agfgplicatiaa flied by the writ petitioner accatfiance with iaw

” Siild £316 01:14;-tr is passed 3113. C{)E1tI’3V€’I3.¥.’i9E1 sf {ha abservaiiarms

made in the susrveyofs repazt and; the findings thereen and


survsy report. However, so far as Sj;r7}I§Fo.5′?{_1’i’5’i§::cQi1{§t:i*;1t§”

according to survey report, the fappeliagit A’

pessessiofl and cliltivation ofV394__CenfS..a’3i>:i 42;C{*;§3.t:$ wais :Ei1

occupation of the petificner. ‘vi44ixt;f;12%cV¢r, has
(301:1.f€I’I’€d occupamzy to
the extent 0f 1 1 cgznts ‘ :%_{j¥;%§..§.pa1!3.c}; fight ia
favour of the ‘l*”‘G cfints and
filerafore, rffibunai couié not be
3usiainVé:fi:”VVa::=;;§f, ‘V wé;§””‘1i$b1e to $3: 33*: asidfir.
A€co:’di£ii1g13},«’.’®& Judge has set aside fiw aide?

of {ha’E’ribi::s.a}”;L:1VV:s f;%r’~.é;s 2: reiates ta Sy,E’€0.§’7f1fi and

maiéérr»-.?.a«:h€ iand °’E’r5?b:ma§ ta 2:€<::eI1sid&r {he

3225-it'ierA a€f€S§i§fi.*–f€Sp¢Ci 0f Sy.N0.3?'/ 18 aion-8 and I'€"éf$Cid€

Elia hmaitér in View the smvay $6901': which has been

ffiffifgfifji the order 3116 thereafter, sonsifier the gram: of

x V' Qécfigafiéy right fig E'€$§£i'5€3i of the Same. 'f'ha£ bang aggrieved

— said mtzier passed by {ha ieaztmid Siflgie Jtzdgss: dated

” ‘°9′. 3.20G’? {ha secomi mspcnéent in {he Writ petitieza has

preferred this appea}.


petiézlarzer-{ha first respmléemz hereia and ?G– ii§ §”av§3uf ” u

of the appeliamz herein. Even “s..3*1<}'ug};1 ac-soxféiéfig {Q *s::~:¢% "'.'§§1_;.57}a11d: the
Tribuna} has 3133 matfirial an
fficaré in 3:3 fag: $6 ap;:)e}Ia11t»-iths
firs: x*z4:’s»-;3::>:}%}’LV€;»:}x’.:;€”‘=bf Sy.N0.§7/ 10 and
t}1erefo;%§,W€h”::: Singla Judge that this

i)I’d€i” oi;2′?§1’é 336 Sat asifie in S6 far 223 it

rériates to Sjg%’;’Ne:)V;E’>2?/V-.1§’–i§.3Vj~*{;sfifiec%. The leaned Singifi Judge

‘~ }3as..’:;{?i*gh;§.1f§ zfsmjtiééti matter 1:0 {ha Lané Tribuna} and has

ta recafisidar the mairter afresh is”;

réspéét o:f’ :33$§’N0.5?/ 1 alanfit 3:36. rewdecide the mafia?

keepiizg View the S”U.I”u?’€i}f report which has beefl referred to

‘figs éfifir of the lfiafflfid Singie afudga and thersafter

‘ <:ht;;1b$i§:1er {ha grant cf csccuyancy right in respect 0f the céaim

" hfifiada by the appiicazits. Thii appxrfiheinsiozi of the learflad

cmmsei appearing far the appeflant that the Tribunai would


&_ h01:i'5if.113_L§ ifherzé Z§1.§)j Ii;1€I"i'i in this appeaé azzd pass the

flqllcwfmg t3rc1*::fiV __

Ciispase of thématter only on the bas§§ of the
not well founded, the order cf ..

wouki itself Show that after co:;.sidéfi?1§§’the %V
the Tfibunal is 3130 requirsé “{)c.: éo:;s1{£€$’:’ _t§i§ .= 0:1
mcord and thextafier fight 3&3
r&s};}e<:t of Sy.No,5'?/ 19 §é'i.{"ii€iS is
substantiam '§'rihufia}: angi
therefers, '{}ii£: $33; the ieammd Singie
J11 ége fig. «'fiéi§i"'3ii1ff'er from any tirrsr er

ué mason to {iifikr with that

View t3};<er3,u'A ihe lea;r:;é£%.:_"€5iI1g1e Judge azld accardmgiy', we

2 is dismissaai. ~.

Chief Eustice



index; Yes} Ni}

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