Sri Y Rahgurama Shenoy vs Sri K V Madhusoodanan on 17 December, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri Y Rahgurama Shenoy vs Sri K V Madhusoodanan on 17 December, 2009
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala
 ; T1'iXI';11T(i1"Li'ri': ~K1~:(:1e::\/Ii-.31i%:R 2009 
B.¥CE~'Ol7{E '

'mi: HON'£3LE2 Dr,JUSTIC1£ K. B}--EAK'}'1---{AVA1;Sfi_E.,;»'X ."~  %

VVRET PE'1'i'I"lON N0s.35709/2009 &. s{'7'é'3'1';*20Q9  


Sri.Y.Raghurama Shenoy.

S / 0.Re1n1anath Shenoy.

Age: 46 years.

R/a.M/ s.Ye1thi'mar Tracie-Is,
Opp. Bus Stand, 13LlH.L}1'.    _   " -.
D.K...I)ist.ri(:t.      ' VV.. ,;..'§9'ETiTIONER

[By Sri.Prasem:1e1.V.3R,     4'   


1. Sri.K.V.MaciI';usbGda:1an,    _
S/o.ka1Te T;.V Gop.'J..1_aufNataf,'  
Aged 'c1bC)L}1 5_5':~K'.'c1['§'a_\ V  '-- V

CRPF. 5 » _  * *

- " V . R/a1.P'ai:Ei;)L1'1'a:n.

2. '  Raj 3.i'21xm_i adlu uss(>d.2man.
V5',/.()'.'§\'/'§1".A  £5/ia1:jh.:1s;0:.1*{' 43:6 y
R/21. Pé1l1i;:}_'i1i'a1T:1i,

  h < ' .'1'rivaaI1c1 iZ1,1i11" Km';-xlel S't'.a1.<3. X . . RESPOND ECNTS

. A  'I"hi§3 Writ Pe¥;.it:.1'('31'1  fiktd u:r_1.de1' A1'1'.i(:1es. 226 and 227 of the:

 C'0;1éi.-.1'.i'i.u_1191': of E1'3di.a, 1.)raying to grant. interim": O1'C§&?1' to stay the
 1'L'.:«1r'--£.}1c%'=; p1'oCeedings of the SL1i'£' in O.S.N0.22/O9 on the £116? of the
' 'l"t':é.'.I'_E"v1_('-"~13 In Add}. Civi} Jxndgea (Sr. D11) & JMF C. Mangakore and 611:.

W. P. NOs.I:357{}9/ J.{}(')9 ééz. l:37&)'I3 1 /2009

'i','n.és W1'i.E. I-'eiiti(m ('0n1i11g_g on for p1'€1.E.:'11i1'1211'y 11e21ri11§._;". this
ciay-'. E.E"1c'3 C 01.1 rt. I'}'1E1dC the i'<)ii<)wi1'1}}.§:~ 


The p€i’,it:.E01’1e1’/dei”encl2m1: in O.S.No.22/ 91″ Eli’ ‘

Aciditional Civil Judge {Senior Division), 1\2l:2111ga.ibi}’eu,’ .’

before this Court praying for q11a1shiI1g’_1he ‘(V)}Td’£’?’I” cie1t.ri§dii I11

passed on “(“116 memo dated 28.03.2OO§:”V.fiie(i in films). éii;6\Ie:’s21i.d. suit
at AI1.:’1exure ‘A’ Ellid direct t.ii_1é’v-._.:’es}50Iié1e1i1:aV/Apiainiiffsi furnish
copies of {he d0(:1.11m:m.s 1″ei”e1’z-‘(%»d_ fpi;i_}i11t. in O.S.i.\§o.


2. T}’I(% b’I;:’EV’L5.1″‘ “<§i;'!':h€»iV.'C:e1se ivééivdiiig to the fihng of the
pei.i1,i0.r'1 may 1j'e'si.ai.é(i.as'i'i11de1j:

The’ .:’€s.p0I1d€%iii_§ llefve 171-16¢? “a suit. in O.S.N0.22/2009 ageainsi.

i.l”vi’:é 13’rese’1~1.E.€’ 1Di:3″u.Etit9Ej1e1′ ()1:1″”I’E)’.VO4.20O8 for Specific De1’i’0ri11z«.moe of

Ag1″(‘;t’Vf.!j11£VEi1,’i. –. eXe(r1.1Ee(i by 1.116′ c§e(:(i*.a$ed })!”()fI’IOI.€’.1″‘

iV’=M.1’s.SrifiisiiiliiK:I3Iii2i_i’1iEiark211~ and c0r1seC1uen’1,i.ai mliezf. The

__i&i?E.¢f¢I’1.r;i21.:’1t” w~21sA’;.s(–?1*\red with .”.-5Li11}i”I1OI1S and 11oi.i<'te on i.A. On

the counsel for the peti1,i()m:1-/deimiciarii fiiec} a copy

' .fi;)'1:)'i:E"(TE1§i,I§O!'1 befo1*e the Trial Court, prfiyiiug; in i"u.m1'sh c:eri,ifi<-ad copy


'vV.P.NC)é-1.35709/2009 82: §37'{3'f3 I /2009

oI"1:11e 1')1a1'1'11 (1()(Yt.§1'1'1{i'1'1E'S. T116 (?()}')y a11:);.)11'('alé<,)11 was E"t':'j€(.."L.(3'.(1 on tho

§.;§1"()u11d that Cc:~r't.iE"ied (.'.0;')ie5s of xerox copies ca1'1110t' be f§EI'VI'1"i§'S1"1f;_'d.

T he1'c:221f'i'e1", on 28.03.2009. the peEi1.ione1"/ c§efend.=;1n1 _

S<~?eki1'1g di1'e(:ti01'1 to the pIain'1,iff1o fu1'r1ish copies 01"théfdG'C:unae1'1I:s

Ejileci 21i<)11g_§ with {he plaint. The 1"e::aj}')(.}1j_d0€;i*:14S'/15i.2iii11.if1"S*~__£iied0

objectt'i0n$ to the memo. '1"1"m 'i'ri2.11 C'c.u1'1. 21f"ix;:* "hcta11"i.11'g ';11f,gL1n1g;;:111:S, _

by order dated 07'. .1 1.2009. rejected ;§DfJug11€d
in this writ. peti1.i01'1. 0 0 V. S

3. Learned (:0:/11,1.r”3<:'1 F017… that suit
summons was not with the

d0cu.n1ems as n1e:;1Li(2§iE'd ifi' H}? further submits ihat. in

Para N0.iII A s"£:_it(~3ci that the 1EI11(:'I'S dated
24.08.1996 read as part'. of this plaim.

Th_ve:1*efo:”e,”ggghé ;’..)C*’1′.1’*t”.Vi()Vf1t_’.,.V1’fV:\#’&1Svilfflilifled for 21 copy of ‘I.I’1€:’. do(‘u1’11ents.
11e;i.11cr1′ supplieci (?er10if’1€d ()py of the

d()(){.}rfi631’l”-.’..§f_s 11()’i’.’C.jx;’€EEiti’ed the plzxilmiffs to i’u1’1′”1ish £1263 d0c:1.1n’1e11t:s so

‘.0 file “\:=.,;’1″i1.1’f.’,_'”L’~.I.1 ~$%4–i’2;1§c%111e1’1t’. and the Trial Court’ er’.:”c::d in 1’cjectt.i11g

I–is has ciied the decisions 1’epo1’t.ed in 200? AH? SCW

_ H6909”


LTD, AND A.NC)’1’I”IER) and 2004(1) KCCR 539 {SR}


a WP.%\FO:~;.5-3f37(‘)E3/2{,}(I}EJ 8: Z’37{:’iiS I X2002}


M /S.’.I’AJ.LAE\/I SUBBARAYA SHITY A1\’_D sows AND 0’1′:-v1£1:I;:€»1j.:’-. _*~._V

4. At’ the very out sci, E’: must be U}C’K1Ei()t”£.fif(3 VthfciI.’ H

dec:1’sio1’1s cited by the learn1″ie’r’ 1’1V21sf,11E)~..

bs’;ra1*ing on the case on hand as the falctts éil1d Cif(2L11’n :aE:2§u1C€f§-3

case rne1′:$.ionc’%d in those two casesVgu’é’~dii”Ié1*ém, 1″7rQ1n- t.h.§3″(‘iasé an ”

hand. In the instant”. c,a.:e”st ?__.. ‘1″h e g;:’td1z1′.1d the
d()CLII1’16HlS zxre treated as 1h€ plajm. the
peE.itione’1* is seeking (:0’py_pI’ €)1’de1′ V Rule 2
of CPC every by 2-1 Copy of the
piaim. The copy of -Lhe plznnl
along with C.P.C does not <':0r1ta1'n Eihe
p1'1″c}E1’1g 1,0 the order sheet of the

‘j-.1.rié1l_C()u.:*i’)’;’«.tlaigéfsuii, SL1IHI1’1()IiS were served on U16 def’endan1, on

W Th”e’ %)etit.1’o’ne1* has moi yet filed wr1’t.1′:er1 s1,at’.erI1e111′,. The

._ii’:.t’é11.t.i0.1j1′ c}!”.I*f}1c: pet.1′.t’1’0I’1e1* {.0 p1*0*£’1*a(3t’ the p1*(‘:ceéc1i.1’1g,ss.

WP.§\%(f)::;.35709/2{){)9 & $7631/2O()9

5. In {he resuii. §;)0i1″1 the pe*£1’I’i01’1s fail and they are hereby



JUDG1:: [    f       

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