The Sarvodaya Primary Consuemr Co … vs State Of Karnataka on 2 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
The Sarvodaya Primary Consuemr Co … vs State Of Karnataka on 2 March, 2009
Author: N.Kumar

ZK ma. HIGH scum or MRHATAKA gr %

fiatcd this the 2″‘ day


12;;-5: P€’}:i1’tiQn;_ND, 2;2::»:3%%}:;»:£%%2g:x;_9 {G}Séf—-EiC}

Writ Petiliign Ne.2:393v ::}f2=f:_:0_§’ vii;-}.i’i;_I__’;’__–1.PDS’9
Wm’: Peiitifion N9. Qf..2CKr}.g,.§(3f\.lI:E€}., V
BETWEEP5; __ 4′ ~ A 3′,
Tim Sarvpfiaya . V
C-ts-cap –L?;ii., ‘ _ ‘
fszati N::–1gamr._i’e*Ea3’;1″‘?§~3;3»2j1(i~ _
Azad Saga: . ”

{)av2;s§::.gt1*e = .A ~
$332′ its Sfiareffiirry -4 {R3} “‘ pfitififlfifif

E Srti Scnier {btxxzrsei for
‘ V’ _ ‘gfiri Maheah R’ Uppin, Euziivcixcate)

I ~-..Si”,:=1_t;;3’c::;fA Kzéznaiaka

B3; 753:3 S€:::rt::fa1’y
3613?,” of Food ami Civil Suppiiers
AA S Btlfltiiflg
* 8iaB.ga}«::1*r3 — 5&0 {H} 1

K €Z’,t:::mmissim:2e1* of Fooé and

Civii Silpjpiies
f;7i:1:’1:1i:1g}:1ee111 Road.
B~a11gaioI”e —- 566 O0 1 b

the mtjtieners, it Carma’: be sitstainmzig Hen(§t§’;”*–g
foiiowing QI’Ci€I” : ~
({1} Writ Petitions are afioyrgd. V V
{E3} frrgmggrzeci order is ;’zer°iéi34?y1v:vV:i”111£13}V1.:£a:i’~._V_ V’ R
{G} Libertg; is reszéraggcti hear the
petitioners and cgtnierzs in

‘}*’£L_ u .’.=;%u}j§’:, time tits eariier

tz£xx)zzig12*2.qe’— _ miiih.
:2;r?:;=7’2gié:zn=i§:;;»2′:V*33f is iorfgeii,
{(5},3§he_Aér2ti?é 13xaan§i$e._ s%:ai{~Z;e done by the respcrnrients

v._A11;i:s’h.in. ‘zhze date af remap: cf ibis orgies»:



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