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Venu vs State Of Karnataka on 4 November, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Venu vs State Of Karnataka on 4 November, 2009
Author: Huluvadi G.Ramesh

II-II III-IIIII 1-! III1IIlIrIIrIIII1 III IVII EVER! III lIr’|I\lIl’lll’ll\l1 lll\7lI ‘I.I\JI.Il\I \JI I’|rll\IIl’Ill’ll\l’| IIIIJII \.u\l\Jl\l \Il”‘ I\l’lI\lIl1ll§I\l’I IIIYIT §€

‘fill $61″! 3! IIl’II\IIl’IIl’|lIl’I II

I Bmamtmu.

4-{By 4:-3ri.A.V’. , HOG?)

114 maa ccumgsy KAETAKA A’1″‘E§LNGA.L{3%REI A’

mama THIS 11% 4’24 ::2;~..Y::§ f _I I


‘z*;~z15Hr.:;zxr2;5 ::v:§…,.*U3mE

C ?ET’£TIC)N Nat; :;_35&i§Q{:é 1′ 1
B : I


31¢ Shivaiah, _

Aged RhoutflYeara;fi _
Rasidi:r1g a1:#Ez3, _ ____ ”
IMain, 1015 Crsmsgé, A .4
Goverrnmntflosgsitai’ .

C haw Nagma, ‘ ”

H053 Read, %% .

Ad?” -3
_ ‘_:$t;_ataV 9f
‘ 135’ Peking Station,
I I A mum,

G5 Plzewer,

‘ Court cf Karnaaal-m,

‘ “””‘ ‘ V’ I’-“””‘-“””||V’| Ill’-3|’! V-\l|-l’l\l VJ!’ l\.l\l\lVfi\lI-lI\l’| I’ll’-Jl’l LKJUKI lull’ HHKNMIHIEH FHLJH LUUKI LII’ HAKIVAIAISH HIGH QC


Thig gmtion is filacl unfier Sectuien 439 g;f_’éii£:. i3V§§”de;

sf Crmfinal Przaeaxziurc by tbs advbcatc fer t}jié– ‘
prayirag that this H0n'”bIn. {Bear}; — = V

enlarge me petitianer on haii

Matiivala Pclém szazgm agnga1c:e3;_pen
ef the Fast Track {‘_:€211VP?3.’vI: ‘”f_’»

Bangalere, far ihcsz mrzvciegfstactions
em and «am

‘§’}:3is petggiagz this day, the
Court n’1a&§ J _ j. ‘ V’

Tffié ?§Ii£::<i .Lf%§:.~ the pfititifiilfif amught for

pe;'1_§fi.i'Vs-t3ic:x1 tb' the pefitimn.

V' 2 ~ 4T1':zé:..pre1im7oI2 fa dismzh sad as withdrawn.



V’ “%;acw.

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