Vijay Shankar vs The State Of Bihar &Amp; Ors. on 30 March, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Vijay Shankar vs The State Of Bihar &Amp; Ors. on 30 March, 2011
                                 MJC No.4014 of 2009
                                  VIJAY SHANKAR
                            THE STATE OF BIHAR & ORS.

4. 30.03.2011 Heard learned counsel for the

petitioner and the State.

The writ Court setting aside the

punishment had directed payment of all

consequential benefits.

The Special Leave Petition against that

order was dismissed on 18.10.2010.

The third supplementary show cause

on behalf of the opposite party acknowledges that

Special Leave Petition has been dismissed and

thereafter on 14.1.2011 the petitioner has been

exonerated of the charges by order no. 140.

The Court finds that the order dated

14.1.2011 is completely silent as also the show

cause with regard to the payment of the

consequential benefits.

Let the opposite party no.2 appear in

person before this Court to show cause why

charges be not framed against them for willfully

flouting the orders of the Court.

List this matter at the same position on

the 27.4.2011.

Ibrar/-                                 ( Navin Sinha, J.)

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