Kindly Be An Advocate

Sk Jahangir Ali,Asst.Prof,Balurghat Law College

Most of the final year LL.B students of today want to get a job and they are not interested to do practice because they don’t have ‘God father’ and they would face problem to stand in this field. They thought that practicing field is very struggling field and it takes a lot of time to stand in this field. My point of view is that practicing field is the most charming field and advocacy is the noble profession. Advocates are just like demi God because justice comes from ‘Heaven’ through the help of Advocate. Social change, social revolution and social evolution come through the hands of advocates .So dear students please change your mindset. It is not true that you people always need ‘God father’ to get establishment in this field. It is not always true that the son/daughter of advocate has the monopoly in this profession. Just you need a good senior to learn the practice. Many Senior Advocates and advocates refer to the junior advocate and they praise their abilities and brilliance. I would also like to tell you people that in every field there is struggle. Listen, Ram Jethmalani and Arun Jetly, Harish Salve, Mukul Rohatagi and Abhishek Manu Singhvi etc are not built in a day. Just keep patience and put your tenacity in practicing field and one day you also will get good result. Look! No pain, no gain. Low risk low gain, high risk high gain. Practicing field is just like learning plus earning and sky is the limit of earning. Learned Advocates Salve, Rohtagi and Manusinghvi earn at Rs. 25 Lakh per day! Only practice can bring out your hidden talent in You.



1. Are you an independent thinker?

2. Are you a confident and fluent speaker?

3. Do you like using language both to speak and to write?

4. Do your friends choose you to speak up for them?

5. Do you like to analyze problems and work out solutions?

6. Do you remain in control of yourself when you are angry?

7. Are you not easily intimidated?

8. Do you believe the strong should protect the weak?



Dear you all, lawyers belong to an independent profession in two senses:

1. Advocates are not subordinate to the Government or to anyone else. Advocates are not dependent to any authority or anyone .They have their freedom to time and movement and are not bound by official time like the service man. Advocates always discharge their independent high standard responsibilities to the society at large.

2. Lawyers are ‘social engineer’ and they deal with all kind of problems of people from all sections of society, unlike say, doctors who are confined to medical problems or engineers who are confined to technical problems. Excellence Advocates have no limits to interpret the law for social, economic and political justice. Only advocates are called Learned. No other profession gets this dignity.



Abraham Lincoln, the great American President during the American Civil war was a lawyer, and so was Robespierre, the great French leader during the French Revolution, Lenin, the great leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was a student of law. It is very relevant to say here that Barack Hussein Obama II, the President of United States has great law background. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. Prominent freedom fighters in India also belonged to the legal fraternity and played a leading part in the framing of Constitution of India. Gandhiji, Pandit Nehru, Dr.Ambedkar,Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer, K.M.Munshi to mention just a few. A best leader is the best pleader. Presently seventy five of the 543 members of the Lok Sabha and 73 of 244 members of the Rajya Sabha are lawyers in India. Present prominent politician lawyers in India are Arun Jethly,P Chidambaram,Sushma Swaraj,L.K Advani,Kapil Sibbal,A.Raja, Ram Vilas Paswan, SM Krishna, A.K Antony.


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    Nice Aricle…It will help aspirants to enter into this noble profession

  • I just happened to read what is exchanged between SK Jahangir Ali and Augustine Jose-surprisingly, both belong to faculty of law and yet so diverse views! I raely like what is mentioned by SKJL. I look at it as a sort of inspiration. Basically, I am a Mech Engr. graduated from USA, lived and worked there for 10 years and it was really tough because lot of practical experience needed- which is must for all professionals. Now I am in India since last more than 40 years fighting a family dispute case in HC involving fraud. Very recently, my Advocate-a very senior and highly respected for his genuineness, knowledge, bravery while arguing, diligent, truthfullnes, honesty and much much more passed away. I am now with his junior, but miss the Senior one for all he was. I wish every one grooms him/herself as this Sr. Advocate-it is in their own hands.

  • An enticing article for a LL.B. students and all under graduates and guardians looking for a vibrant & rewarding carrear .

    I am sure we will be in company of a young and well groomed legal fraternity in coming years beneficially contributing to the social fabric woven around us.

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